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Mar 6, 2007 05:07 PM

Have date. Would like to go somewhere in Nolita... any suggestions?

I'd like to hear suggestions on what restaurant I should take my date to this Saturday. I'd like to aim for the Nolita area. Any suggestions?

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  1. InTent on Mott between Prince and Spring is a great date spot. I also really like Public on Elizabeth.

    1. I was thinking a little more intimate...
      I'm open for other areas as well.

      1. Bianca is a great date spot...
        And then you can grab drinks next door at Von, which is also date compatible.

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        1. re: Todd

          Bianca and Von are both slammed on Saturday and because Bianca doesn't take reservations this may not be the best suggestion.

        2. Temple Bar (Lafayette betw. Bleecker & Houston, west side) is not primarily a restaurant, but they do have food, including a weird guacomole layered with corn thing that, at the very least, is a conversation-starter. It's one of the date-iest places I know of.

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          1. re: small h

            I like Temple Bar as a date place, but for drinks only. I wouldn't have dinner there.

          2. L'Asso is wonderful-- and you can totally judge your date's openness to novelty by the kind of pizza he/she orders!