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Mar 6, 2007 04:48 PM

Lambs Bread Columbia, SC is open! sort of

Hampton Street; here's the deal.... They are actually open. I have in hand a card that says "now serving breakfast, lunch & dinner". HOWEVER, at 6 PM tonight they were closed but I begged to be let in to chat (and get the card). They said they are open Monday through Saturday 11 - 7 (give or take). Makes me wonder how you can get 3 meals into that time frame. Soon come, mon. I said I would do it so I'm planning to go tomorrow. I'll let you know.

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    1. re: Ellen of SC

      Shoot! My schedule was altered and I couldn't get there today. But I promise it's at the top of the list.

    2. You'll notice I'm encouraging you to be the guinea pig - um, I mean - take the first shot. :)

      1. Let me join others in encouraging your visit. I'm curious to hear your report on the vegan (right?) restaurant with the word "Lamb" in its name.

        1. So, definitely fill us in when you get over there. I drove by the other day and saw a few folks in the food side.

          1. Okay, here we go again ... I hear Lamb's Bread on Main Street is now open, but I have not tried it myself. Has anyone else ventured in?