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Mar 6, 2007 04:38 PM

Good lunch/interview place near Pike Place Market

I'm taking a prospective new boss out for lunch and am having trouble coming up with the right place. It should be not too far from the market and be neither too casual nor too stuffy (don't want it to look like I'm trying too hard). She doesn't eat meat, so it has to have a few veggie options. Any suggestions would be appreciated - thanks!

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  1. steelhead diner has a great veggie meatloaf, among other things. cafe campagne? le pichet.

    1. Pan African Market, 1521 First Ave, near the Crumpet Shop, is colorful and spotless, with pleasant seating and a wonderful vegetarian sampler platter on dynamite njera (the best I've had in Seattle). It's tile and glass, which may be a little noisy, so do check before you go to see if you can choose a quiet-enough spot. There are some good booths there, the pace is relaxed, the staff is genial, and there is lots of natural light. It's like going to eat at grandma's (if you're Ethiopian).

      1. Cafe Campagne is very comfortable, good food, nice "mood". As for veggie options, check the menu online? I'm positive they have soups + salads with goat cheese or roquefort.

        1. Cafe Campagne sometimes have vegetarian Quiche's...usually. Also you can ask for a baguette sandwich that the meat can be substituted with a brie and pear or some cheese and fruit. Also don't be afrid to order the veggie Croque Savoyard...tasty cheesy and 100% meat free.

          1. The Virginia Inn could be a nice option. They have a nice quiche and salad combo, plus some sandwiches and good beers and wine. It's been there forever, and feels very "Seattle," especially if you grab the booth in the front. The server who works lunches is great. I often see people lingering over paperwork or having meetings there, so obviously they don't mind if you hang around after your plates are clean.