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Mar 6, 2007 04:38 PM

Homemade chicken pot pie--what do you think of this technique?

I am thinking of making a chicken pot pie. What do you think about using puff pastry, lining a pie pan with the dough, puncturing it and cooking it halfway? And then you brush the crust with egg and add the filling, then top it with another layer of puff pastry? Or would you just use pie crust instead, and follow the same procedure? I like lots of crust, but am unsure about technique. Thanks in advance for all help!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. i think your ideas with puff pastry sound good...but you might want to cook the bottom crust until done, so it holds up better (maybe you shouldn't even prick it)...then proceed
      let us know how it turns out

      1. If I were only using puff pastry, I'd probably not bother with a bottom crust and just top it in pot pie. I actually really like "pot pie" that has only the top crust. Works well. but only if you don't require a full pastry...

        1. I make once a month and use the puff pastry on top only, not on the sides or bottom.

          I make the insides and then pour into an oval pyrex bowl. Take the puff pastry and lay on top. I brosh with a good coating of egg whites and into the oven.


          1. What about a puff pastry shell, that you cook and then spoon the filling into and serve immediately? (Puff pastry, pie crust, or biscuit, there is nothing better than chicken pot pie.)