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Mar 6, 2007 04:23 PM

Granddaughter wants "elegant," I want kid-friendly and reasonable prices!

The 11 year old granddaughter and her 8 year old sister are coming to visit, and they want me to take them to an "elegant" restaurant. Right, please define elegant. Maybe they think BIG, FANCY, with attention from servers? I live in the W. Village and my idea of elegant is Anissa, Alfama, and other nabe places I dine in. I wonder where to take these tykes? Ideas in Village, Meatpacking, and surround, please. Maybe a meatpacking "scene" would strike them as elegant?

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  1. Are they planning to dress up? That might give you a clue. Probably any place where the waiters wear ties and white aprons would be appropriate. If you can't find an old-school French or Italian restaurant, you MIGHT try Markt in the Meatpacking district. More trendy than fancy, but at least looks like a bustling Belgian bistro.

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    1. re: The Jeff Next Door

      Yes, the idea is to dress up and to feel like elegant young women, I guess.

      Perry St. at lunch, maybe? It should be quiet and sophisticated, though they might not be thrilled with young uns in there....

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          Markt lost their liquor license and closed, alas alack.

        2. One more thought -- Cafe D'Alsace on 2nd Ave between 87th & 88th Streets is delicous, moderately priced, and fancy. I've always had excellent service there, and with the bistro-style busy-ness, noone will notice a couple of younger ones sitting in the back of a booth.

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            While I (kind of) like Cafe D'Alsace, I don't think of it as elegant for this purpose.

          2. Aw, how cute! they seem old enough to appreciate a great restaurant. I would take them to 11 Madison Park or Gramercy Tavern. they should especially like the cookie plate at GT. I bet they will be treated wonderfully.

            1. I agree with Gramercy Tavern. The rooms are so pretty and feel "fancy" they can dress up and wont be out of place. Lunch there would be nice and I think the servers would not mind. 11 Madison is good too, but the dercor is too modern I think to be fancy. They might be overwhelmed with some of the more sceney places in the Meatpacking district, and they might not understand the minimalist modern look of a place like Perry Street.

              Other ideas (though not in the area):
              Cafe Des Artist
              Tavern on the Green (not talking food here) and
              Is the Plaza open for tea these days?
              A restaurant in another of the old hotels might do: the Plaza Athen, the waldorf, etc. They are also probably used to kids.

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              1. re: maxine

                I would not recommend Cafe des Artistes. Not only is the food mediocre but, in my view, the overall atmospherics are not at all right for 11- and 8-year olds. I think they would not feel comfortable there.

              2. I was just going to suggest doing a Tea Maxine! It fits the bill as elegant and certainly memorable.