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Mar 6, 2007 04:12 PM

Indonesia recommendations? Esp. nr Hell's Kitchen

Need to take some friends from Bali out and was wondering if anyone knew of a great Indonesian restaurant, near Hell's Kitchen would be a plus, but am interested in other neighborhoods. I am clueless to the cuisine!

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  1. Do NOT go to Bali Nusa. Bland and boring...!

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Agree with both gaijingirl and Peter.

        If they are from Bali, wouldn't they want something they can't get in Bali?

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        1. re: devil

          they've been traveling in the states for a couple of months and would like a taste of home so i thought it would be nice if they had food that was authentic and delicious.

        2. I have to politely disagree with the recommendation to stay away from Bali Nusa Indah- I love that restaurant. Whether you get the combo meals (vegetarian includes tamarind soup, corn fritters, jackfruit curry, tofu satay, veg slaw and a banana fritter with palm syrup and vanilla icecream) or a la cart (my favs being the broiled tofu and rice cubes- cheap also!) it's really good variety and very good...definitely not bland to my palate (and I frequent ethnic restaurants if you think my palate is too "Americanized"). Also a la carte- try the layer cake- it's rich but you get a small piece and it's quite unique.
          This place is especially a good bet as the only other Indonesian restaurants I know of are downtown.

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          1. re: NicoleFriedman

            Please name the Indonesian restaurants downtown that you know of. I can think of only one, and it's Malaysian-Indonesian. (Is that its current name? Doyers St., corner of Pell.) For the record, I gave up on Bali Nusa Indah (which by the way, last I hear, was run by people from Java) a number of years ago and I'm not impressed with the restaurant on Doyers, either.

            Frenchfry, would you consider going to Queens? Some hounds have been speaking well of some of the Indonesian places in that borough. I can't vouch for any of them, having not tried them.

          2. yeah, sadly borobudur is closed, i've heard - it wasn't half bad and provided comfort to those below midtown. bali nusa indah was ok but not quite as spectacular. i think the one on doyers is called sanur, although i've never been.

            has anyone tried the rijstaffel place in brooklyn?