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Knife Sharpening in Portland, ME

Does anyone have a place they recommend for knife sharpening in or around Portland, Maine? I'm coming up with nothing in the yellow pages or online. Sorry if this isn't quite about food, but without good sharp knifes, the Home Cooking section is only dangerous to me!

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  1. I'm sure someone does. I would contact Leroux Kitchen on Commercial Street. If they don't do it, I'm sure they know a place that does.

    1. I don't know of one in Portland itself, but the Freeport Knife Co. in Freeport is supposed to offer the best local sharpening services.

      1. Most Hannaford meat departments will sharpen knives for free if asked. They use an in-house grinder that gives a very sharp edge but does tend to take a fair amount of metal in the process.

        1. Shaw's doesn't do a bad job for free. They have asked me not to bring all my knives at once.

          1. I would ditto Freeport Knife Co.--they are the area experts.

            1. I've always sharpened my own knives but for the past year or so I have not had a nice tri-stone to use. I broke down and went to Freeport Knife Co. and was not happy with the out come at all. It's the first and last time I will let some one else sharpen my babies! Your best bet is getting your own tri-stone. Restaurant quality will cost you but its well worth it if you can swing it.

              1. Was told this Place in Bath does it:
                Must call to confirm. I Have no comment to the service as of yet

                1. Get stoned and do it yo'self. It ain't rocket science. Bond w/ the blade.

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                    I would love to see someone offer a class/seminar on this. I have not had good results with Freeport Knife or the electric doo-dad I bought years ago. Would really like to just do it at home properly.

                  2. Try "Never A Dull Moment" in Windham. Honed my 8" chefs blade with a broken tip into a decent edge. reasonable rates. Richard Roy - (207) 892-1736

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                      Its so easy to sharpen knives go to a Job Lot type store purchase a 2 sided stonee one a bit course one fine. Then use the penny under the blade and use water not oil if you are interested let me know and I will help you through it. Not to take anything from a sharpening place but you have razor sharp knives right there. Hope this helps a bit.

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                        ...or you could do it right and buy my pal Chad Ward's book, called "An Edge In The Kitchen - The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Knives -- How to Buy Them, Keep Them Razor Sharp, and Use Them Like a Pro"