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Mar 6, 2007 03:43 PM

chicago beef sandwich in D/fw

hi any place to get a good chicago beef sandwich in D/FW THANKS

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  1. in plano used to be a Rosati's chain until the owners had a falling out with the parent company. They still use the same vendors from what I was told. There beef sandwich is just ok. Usually on the dry side IMO. Thin crust is just like Rosati's and memories of home! Womax in Flower Mound has the beef sandwiches too. To be honest it's been 3 years since I was there so I can't recall if it was any good. There's one other place in Plano that was quite forgettable. You're not going to find a Zippy's, Al's, or Portillo's equivalent anywhere in DFW. If you do let me know! I honestly usually just have Portillo's ship there beef on dry ice along with the gravy and of course the hot peppers. That typically gives me the best results. Enjoy!

    1. Weinberger's deli in Grapevine. The owner is from the south side of Chicago. As a Cubs fan I do not hold that against him cause the italian beef is excellent wet or dry.
      They also serve authentic Chicago style hot dogs.

      1. where is the weinberger's deli?

        1. Weinberger's is on Main St in Grapevine, in the historic downtown.
          Windy City Grill in Keller - seriously suburban shopping center - also has that sandwich.