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Mar 6, 2007 03:41 PM

Fresno: Small Plates Everywhere [Moved from Site Talk]

I have been in and out of town for over a year so I might be behind on this development.
TAPA INVASION. First I noticed Flamenco opening and then another tapa joint out by Yosemite ranch. Ofcourse the trump is in Fig Garden Village, Pangea which now seems would have the most to prove by opening so late in the Fresno tapa season and the most to lose due to what I expect to be an expensive rent.
What I am curious about is the trend. What does another Fresnan think about this?
There are many ingredients to keep fresh and a large menu to execute quickly.

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  1. There have been a lot of postings lately about Flamenco. I am not a fan, but many others seemed to enjoy it. Freshsness wasn't the issue at Flamenco- everything was obviously very fresh.

    I am looking forward to trying Pangea and Senses. Has anyone been to them?

    I hadn't noticed the trend until you pointed it out.

    1. Senses was very good when I went a couple of months ago. Some dishes are better than others but that's to be expected. I believe Roy Harland is involved with Panega.

      1. Here's a review of the tapas place in the OSH center:

        I googled Pangea Fresno, and came up with some info. Chef Michelle Marquez demo'd her recipe for Profiteroles Filled with Asian Style Duck Confit, Fruit Compote and Daikon Salad
        at the Home Show this weekend. The advertising blurb mentions that Pangea is the "new restaurant venture partners Joseph Pressutti, Tony Sciola, and Executive Chef Floro Bugnosen (from Campagnia....)

        Tavmark- Do you remember what you enjoyed at Senses? Their menu is posted online at and several plates caught my eye.

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          The pizza with Black Mission figs was excellent. I really liked the hot and sour tofu but others in my group sad it was so-so. The garbanzos were disappointing. As fot the rest of the curent menu, some of the items have changed and I have not tried them.

        2. I have never been to Senses but many of my friends have. Then again the last report is a year old now. At the time it was fair.

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            Senses is an amazing find. I have dined there with friends and family several times and never am disappointed. Wine prices are reasonable and the small plates are excellent. There are several good vegetarian entrees such as the one with chickpeas, the pizettas, salads and I love the mahi mahi with Thai rice. Desserts are TDF. One of the chefs used to work at Echo.

          2. I think Fresno is just responding to a national trend toward small plates. I think people like small plates because it is less formal, more fun, and you get to try several different dishes.
            While the restaurant has to be able to churn out more dishes, each dish is smaller and ususally not as time consuming as cooking a hunk of meat. Small plates are generally fresh ingredients served with little cooking and not too many fussy sauces.