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Is there anyting edible on or near the 3rd Street Promenade? I am racking my brain but little nothing comes to mind. HELP!
Thanks, hounds.

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  1. Locanda del Lago. I only went there once, had heard good reviews, thought it was alright.

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        caution: bring hearing protection.

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        I've only had bad experiences there, but the stop in cafe?? near there is greek and pretty good. I love their greek salad.

      3. Houstons (bacon cheeseburger and fries...mmmm!), Il Fornaio (great butternut squash ravioli and sinfully delicious tiramisu), Border Grill...the food court in the Mall has a cupcake place (I've only had their chocolate cupcakes which are yummy).

        1. Michael's is my favorite there, but it's a splurge. Others would recommend Jiraffe also. I like Border Grill, but beware that it's very noisy.

          1. Musha is between 4th and 5th on Wilshire, about a five minute walk from the Promenade.

            1. While not as good as the Boyle Heights location, I like La Serenata de Garibaldi on 4th.

              1. Musha, Trastevere, and Cafe Crepe are my picks in the area. La Serenata is not bad but the Santa Monica one is not the best location. I would only go to Border Grill during happy hour.

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                  Oooo I hated Trastevere. Boring, highly mediocre food, no real understanding of service.

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                    I concur...lousy food and service.

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                      Trastevere was my vote for worst restaurant in LA.

                  2. I'll add Fritto Misto to the list.

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                    1. I've always had good luck at the Lobster but, for lunch only. I Cugini is also there on Ocean.
                      Never ate in Cezanne at Le Merigot but, went to a private wedding reception at the hotel and it was lovely. :)KQ

                      1. Fritto Misto, Houston's, Border Grill (but so loud) are all good suggestions; Musha is nearby, and Jiraffe is just a couple of blocks inland. Ocean Ave. Seafood has a great happy hour but is too expensive for the remaining hours of the day; Ye Olde King's Head is a wonderful British pub.

                        1. Famima!! (you said edible, not wonderful). Fried curry bread, pseudo-bao (pork), and sundry prepared crazy bites of fish and rice...

                          1. If we are talking about lunch, I used to get good to very good salads at the cafe at Fred Segal's - the more casual order-at-the-counter cafe in the building on the western side of 5th street.

                            For dinner, Musha and Houston's always seemed the best options within a very short walk.

                            1. Thanks all. Houstons or Musha sound like my Best Bets.

                              Never heard of Stop in Cafe/Greek, that ecco22, mentioned, anymore info about it?

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                                Stop'n Cafe has wonderful burgers, the gyros and greek salad are great, too! I have lunch there a couple times a month.

                              2. We usually ended up at Tudor House for tea. There's also another British restaurant nearby - Ye Olde King's Head? Haven't been for a while but I remembered the fish & chips as being decent.