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Mar 6, 2007 03:12 PM

City Hall Restaurant on Duane Street

Anyone been there lately?

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  1. I was there a few months ago for an early dinner and it was quite good. Has always been one of my favorite standbys in the city.

    1. Thanks. What did you eat there?

      1. I like City Hall very much. It's a relatively new restaurant which adopts a retro style - they do the classics very well. Steak, lobster, shellfish. The bar, although pricey, is a great place to have a drink.

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          Anyone else have more to add? Now heard about this restaurant and thinking about making inquiries for birthday party there for 35-50 people - thank you!

          1. re: sushieat

            I have had hanger steak there, very good, the Delmonico even better. Hamburger is fine and I have really enjoyed the oysters, presented with a trio of accompaniments. I had a very favorite entree of calves liver with guacamole, absolutely the best I ever had on one occasion, somewhat less wonderful on another.

            One night there was an ameuse of bean soup that left me wanting more. Another night the chestnut soup ameuse was unremarkable. Very good grilled balsamic portobellos. Perfectly cooked scallops. There was duck with balsamic reduction, wild rice and some nice, peppery watercress that I loved one night -- this despite the adjacent foursome of chisel-coifed ladies who were re-living some stunning hands of bridge and who kept crying "Oh My God!" over and over again. Made my fingernails leave red marks on my palms. The music was welcome and it helped to let Ella Fitzgerald's That Old Black Magic drown them out.

            And an aside: I appreciate that there is salted butter on the table here. Not a fan of unsalted butter in any guise, but really dislike it on my bread.