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Mar 6, 2007 03:09 PM

Bonefish Grill

We have reservations for Bonefish Grill in Willow Grove this weekend. I'm usually skeptical of large chain restaurants, but we are going to use a gift certificate. What is good on their menu? Any suggestions or recommendations?

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  1. We have them here in Florida and I have to say, I was not impressed. They are part of the Out Back Steak house and Caraba's Italian chains. They focus primarily on seafood but offer some steak dishes, They will do ok but dont expect anything really memorable,

    1. I personally have not been there but a friend of mine recommended me to go. I think he mentioned something about the crabcakes and white-fish being really good. Hope that helps a little:)

      1. Actually, for a chain restaurant, Bonefish is great. Their coconut shrimp appetizer is very good and their grilled fish (esp. tuna, swordfish, and mahi mahi) are excellent.

        1. A vendor of mine always gives gift cards to the Outback chains and we've used them at Bonefish in Florida. I might feel differently if I was paying but I thought it wasn't bad. I did really enjoy the mussels.

          1. I have never been a fan of them but living in Florida there are sooo many better places for fresh seafood. I usually stick with the specials.