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Table 8

Has anyone been there recently? We are coming in for a couple of nights and the concierge suggested this. What do you think?

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  1. I haven't been recently, but the food and service were very good (http://www.table8la.com/dinner.cfm?id=1). I like this restaurant and could recommend it...but you have a lot of other options....

    1. I also haven't been recently -- but the experience remains clearly in my mind. Nice food, okay service, but the most horrendously loud and punishing soundtrack that I have ever been subjected to in a restaurant. Needless to say, we have never been back. There are certainly better -- and definitely quieter -- options in the area.

      1. Like, for example? I am not from LA. She said it was a foodie kind of place.

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          Sorry for not reccommending something in place of Table 8, but w/o knowing what kind of cuisine, price points, atmosphere, etc you preferred, it's a crapshoot. Table 8 was a "foodie" kind of place a few years ago, and if you went early enough, you were able to dine w/o the cacophony.

        2. Also, it has recently been remodeled to have a bigger lounge, so it might be even louder! You mentioned Grace in another post -- I would recommend Grace, AOC, Lucques, Mozza, Mako in Beverly Hills, Orris on Sawtelle as a few more "foodie" alternatives

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            Providence of course! Angelini is good too.

          2. yes - for foodie experiences chowpatty and ecco have it down. for scene - go to mastros or koi. table 8 just remodled and whatnot - i've stopped in for a glass of wine, and wasn't that thrilled with the whole vibe.

            1. I went there a few years ago. I do not remember anything other than Elton John, Sean Hayes & a few other people were dining at the table across from us. Food was boring, enviance was boring. Obviously I have not been back since. You could do much better. If you like Italian, my favorite is MADEO.

              1. have not gone there for year or so but last time we went we had very nice meal. called ahead to order salt crust porterhouse steak (which is not on the menu) and my wife had lamb 3 way (chop, osso buco and ?) one of best lamb dish she ever had....
                not sure how it is now but would like to visit again sometime in the near future.

                1. I will try Luques for one of the nights if it is not too far from Century City. Italian sounds good so I will see if we can do Madeo or Angelini. thanks.