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Mar 6, 2007 02:44 PM


What gin do you think makes the best negroni? I've been drinking Sapphire martinis for so long, I feel like I've kind of "lost touch" with other brands or types of gin.

Thanks for any ideas....

Uncle Ira

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  1. With the plethora of amazing gins out today you really can't say which is best. It's more like what's your mood. I experiment with various types and see how they work out. Sometimes you want a bit more citrus, sometimes a bit more spice. Negroni's have quite a bit of bitter and spice/herbs as a component from the Campari and sweet Vermouth. So which way do you swing. More spice, smoother, some citrus, sweeter, or something wild and different. I could list several dozen gins and their taste components but here are a few suggestions off the top off my head.

    If you want the bitter/herb to be a focus go with a neutral or spice heavy gin. Junipero is very light except the strong juniper notes, Plymouth is very smooth and on the light end, Bulldog is very, very light; while Gale Force is mild but with a black peppery bite.

    For a citrus focus and to downplay the bitter/spice go for a citrus heavy gin like Bluecoat with its musky orange, Zuidam for its lemon, Seagrams for its citrus notes with a hint of oak aging.

    For something completely different try using Aviation which is very sweet and bold with an large amount of cardomom, anise, and lavender. North Shore Distillers #6 has huge amounts of cardomom.

    And for the piece de resistance, try G'Vine with its super smooth, very floral taste and aroma from the green grape flowers.

    Here are a bunch of reviews of gins with many, many more on the way.