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Wedding site for 100 near DC with great food and onsite lodging

I scoured the boards to find suggestions for this, then thought I'd post my own and cross my fingers.

I'm looking for a place in or near DC (up to 50 mile radius) for 100 people for a wedding ceremony and reception. Ideal criteria: good food--either highbrow or lowbrow, lodging on-site, not astronomical prices, interesting decor and/or outdoor view/setting.

We're open to all kinds of alternative venues. Our main priority (behind budget) is that our guests are comfortable and have a good time (read: good food, plenty of liquor, inexpensive lodging). Any ideas?

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  1. I recommend you look at the Antrim 1844 Country House Hotel in Taneytown, MD. We were at a wedding there and the event was lovely. This wedding was an outdoor ceremony and cocktail reception with dinner and dancing indoors in the special pavilion. I don't know anything about prices.

    Although the hotel will have rooms for your guests, I think they might be pricey. We stayed in a chain motels on Rte 15. From the DC area, we drove to the motel, changed into our wedding clothes and continued on to the wedding. At the end of the event, we returned to the motel and stayed overnight.

    Here's the link to their web site: www.antrim1844.com

    Incidentally, Taneytown is 15 minutes from Gettysburg so your guests could turn the trip to your wedding into a neat weekend trip.

    1. Does the restaurant need to be directly onsite or could it be a short walk? I'm thinking any of the Kimpton hotels could do something for you in terms of both rate and food.

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        Kimpton hotels are great to work with and food is usually pretty good from their attached resturants.

      2. Thanks to you both for the suggestion. I checked out Antrim and it looks great, if as you said, a little pricey. But that's exactly the type of place we're looking for. Also, Kimpton might not be a bad idea--do you know if any of the DC properties have a garden?
        Thanks again.

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          I recently had my wedding at the Antrim in July 2006. It was the best decision we made. Food, service and staff were fabulous. I recommend it highly.

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            Antrim is classy with great food, but just be aware of how far a drive it is from the three DC area airports (if that's a factor for a number of your 100 guests). Use Mapquest to get a better perspective.

        2. I had my wedding reception at 2941 and some of our guests stayed at the Fairview Park Marriott, 1/2 mile away in the same business park, nice place, reasonable rates. Have a look at 2941.com. There are lots of photo opps on the grounds--it was beautiful in the fall. My most important issue was good food and they did a great job. If you do something other than dinner you can get the price down. They allowed us to bring in our own wine. FWIW, we went to Antrim 1844 to check it out for our wedding and I did not like the food or the vibe, too dark and heavy in both areas, though the gardens would have been nice for a spring wedding. Other places we considered, with food being the top priority, were Lightfoot restaurant in Leesburg, the Bailiwick Inn and 1789.

          1. Have you been to Old Town Alexandria? It's a fantastic place for guests to enjoy in addition to your wedding. It makes a fine "destination" wedding.


            I had my wedding reception at the Morrison House in Old Town Alexandria.


            It's a charming inn which does events like weddings very well. The accomodations there are pricey, however, there are many large and medium size hotels nearby. Across from the King St. Metro, you have the Embassy Suites and Hilton Hotels. In the heart of Old Town, you have the former Holiday Inn which is now Old Town Hotel.


            There are many other hotels nearby, the vast majority offer shuttles into Old Town. Best of all there is a free Dash bus running along King St., from the Metro to the Town Market Square. This makes Old Town shopping and dining very convenient. The Morrison House is located steps away from King St, on S. Alfred. St.

            I just love my wedding at Morrison House. It was elegant, yet charming.We received so many compliments from our guests about the food and atmosphere. Do check it out.

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              You had your wedding and reception at tabard inn? I have booked the 2 rooms to have mine there in January, but would like to hear some feedback on how it all worked.

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                how many people did you have? seated dinner or cocktail reception? dancing?

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                  Hi! I"m looking at the Tabard in for a wedding reception for a 100-person seated lunch...can you tell me how your wedding went?

              2. I had my wedding at the Tabard Inn and that would seem to fit your requirements. Fantastic food, inexpensive lodgings, the restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating and it is in the middle of everything in DC. Best of all it was not that expensive.

                1. Though it's further out than the other sites listed, the Comus Inn is a great location for a wedding. I attended one there last year and loved it.


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                    I know you wrote in awhile ago, but I was googling Comus Inn and saw your comment. I'm planning a wedding for my sister there this September. I wonder if there was anything specific that you liked and anything specific that you would change from a guest's point of view. Or maybe you spoke with the bride later on and heard her thoughts? I'm basically looking for pros & cons so my sister's day will be perfect!

                    Thanks in advance for any advice,

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                      Hey Dave,

                      I emailed you ... holler if you have any other questions!


                  2. I know it was 3 weeks ago but if you haven't found anywhere I was just at an event at 100 King Restaurant in Old Town Alexandria. The second floor dining room can be rented for about 100 people any day or night. The food is great and while it is American the chef is French so the cuising has a French flair. There is a bar downstairs with a jazz bands on weekends and plenty of hotels in the area for all budgets. The web site is www.100king.com.

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                      I don't know that I'd say the food is great or even good at 100 King, maybe if you are with a group and doing a special menu, but we've been there now and it was just ok, and very expensive for just being ok.

                    2. Didn't see this original posting back in March so not sure if it's too late, but what about the Arts Club of Washington? I was at several events there as a grad student at GW. Their catering is great, and they have a beautiful outside garden. It's a wonderful historic location for a wedding.

                      And your guests can stay right next door at the Hotel Lombardy.
                      I stayed there as a prospective GW student several years ago and found it quite charming. I believe the rates are quite reasonable as well.

                      I believe both are registered historic sites.

                      1. Thank you all so much. We've checked out many of your suggestions. Antrim 1844 was a little too far from airports for our 90-year-old grandparents. 100 King is a beautiful space and definitely in the running. Oldtown, VA was a terrific suggestion. 2941 was too pricey. Arts Club of DC seems to offer the most comprehensive package. We're still looking, but you all helped a lot. thanks again.

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                          Hi -- did you ever try out Arts Club of Washington? I'm considering that place too. Love the courtyard, but the pictures of the food are giving me MAJOR pause. (http://www.artsclubofwashington.org/p...) The salmon frightens me. Apparently, they don't really do tastings either. They will invite to a after-concert lunch, but that's it. I just don't think I can serve anyone food that looks like those pictures...

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                            Per my previous post in June, I went to a variety of events there, although they were over 2 years ago.
                            One was a sit down lunch and I remember the food being fine.
                            The other was a cocktail reception and I thought it was great. Service was professional, food was wonderful, and there was a wide variety of options.

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                              Thanks for the info! I spoke to the head chef and he sounded like such a good, sweet guy, but after seeing the catering pictures, I just couldn't go through with it. It's really good to hear that you had good food. Maybe they've changed chefs and just haven't gotten around to changing the photos? I wish they did tasting so we could be sure... The space is absolutely lovely.

                        2. My step sister did a wedding at the Mansion on O (or maybe P, but I think O) I don't know exactly how many people, but it has lodging, good food, it is quite an interesting venue though I think it fits some tastes well, not what I am doing, but I didn't have the budget considerations she did.