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Mar 6, 2007 02:15 PM

Kosher Acapulco

While in Acapulco last week, we contacted the Hyatt to try out the kosher restaurant there only to be told it is no longer open. Is this accurate and can anyone give a review either way.

On a related topic, I am always puzzled that certain products have hashgacha in Mexico that doesnt seem to make it here to the US, e.g. Maggi Sauce (set out as a condiment on many tables) has VK, in the supermarket last night I looked only to see the US version is made in China and does not bear hasgacha at all.

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  1. I do not keep kosher but was there with my girlfriend who has several members in her family that do. The shabbat dinners were pretty good and were a buffet. When ordering off the menu for dinner everything was terrible. the burgers and fries at lunch were great. I think they go kosher again for pesach then not again until december.

    1. A nighbor of mine just came back from a vacation in the Hyatt at Acapulco and raved about the kosher restaurant, the minyan and the weather!