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Mar 6, 2007 01:57 PM

Homemade Tater Tots?

One of the posts here talked about making sloppy joe's/manwiches from scratch and enjoying with tater tots. I love tater tots and I watched one of those shows where they go into food factories and one was the tater tot factory (but they didn't show much due to copyright reasons or something).

Anyway, is it possible to make tater tots at home, starting from potatoes? Or is it something that you really just need to go and buy from the frozen food section?

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  1. Just google "tater tot recipe" and you'll find a few, though most of what you'll come up with are recipes that use tater tots.

    But if you read the ingredients on a bag of tater tots you'll see that "Homemade tater tots" is an oxymoron. Kinda like baking your own twinkies.

    BTW, I think the Safeway house brand (tater-treats or something like that) is better than the original.


      Candy posted a recipe that might fit the bill. Her potato bites taste alot like tater tots.

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        Ha! I was just going to post the same thread...Candy was so nice to pass that recipe along to us...we really liked the Potato Bites! Please do try them! We especially liked the sour cream dollop on top suggestion with them!

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          Thanks for linking to that recipe! Man, I can't wait to make those, tater tots are one of my favorite foods.

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            Oh my... that recipe is going to cause trouble. I can just see us totally addicted to those! I'll have to give them a try this weekend. Thanks!

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              Yes, and we all have Candy to blame and/or adore for this.

          2. Glad you all liked them. The chive addition might be quite nice. All recipes evolve with good cooks adding their own touches and it becomes their own.

            1. you can make pommes dauphine- fried balls of mashed potatoes. there was a recipe recently in the new york times

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                I like mashed potato balls, but they just don't have the tater tot texture - tiny bits of potato with a crunchy outside.