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2007 in Forest Hills

Sorry for the corny title but it seems like a lot of the discussions about Forest Hills are outdated.

Few questions...

Places for good delivery? I get Chinese, pizza, taco, Japanese menus at my door all the time but few places I tried...are really bad! (Tako Sushi? Wow, their fish is so not fresh...and I ordered from some Mexican place and their nachos...let's just say I can make better ones...I've ordered from Primadonna's pizza place and it wasn't fantastic either)

Are there any Korean or Vietnamese restaurants in Forest Hills?

Also...where can I even get the delivery menu's?
For Brooklyn/Manhattan restaurants, I've used Menupages.com...is there no equivalent site for Queens restaurants?

Food around Forest Hills have been totally disappointing...delivery-wise.
It's been so bad that I sometimes get a take out from Manhattan on my way home and heat it up!


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  1. Mickey's Sushi
    Thai Austin
    That's about it. And Thai Austin doesn't even dliver to me (67th ave)!!
    FH is food hell.

    1. Oh yeah--the shwarma guy "On the Grill" delivers.

      1. I second Mickey's and Thai Austin, both these spots are pretty good. Delivery-wise may be a bit of a challenge in FH but if you have a car and don't mind travelling a short distance to Flushing or Elmhurst there you will find very good korean & vietnamese. The chinese restaurant with the big yellow awning (can't remember the name) by 67 Ave & QB has pretty good take out and I'm sure they will deliver. Johnny Rockets delivers...and Corfu Greek restaurant on Austin delivers, Mike's Pizza on Yellowstone makes a decent pie.

        You may have to go to these places first and pick up there take out menus =(

        1. Thanks for the tips!
          I'll have to pick up a menu from Corfu.
          Yeah...FH food is hell.
          Better off getting food delivered from Fresh Direct!

          1. thai pot is also a good choice. nothing out of the ordinary, but consistent.

            there's a pizza place right off of the south side of qb as it becomes 102nd st - i think it's called stromboli or something. again, nothing out of the ordinary, but their chicken parm was delicious. friendly owners - i think they are twins!

            singah's pizza on 108 is also decent for personal sized pizzas. it's made as you order so it takes some time to make, but worth the wait for the most part.

            call to pick-up from nick's - in addition to their pizza i really like their calzones.

            but do not do delivery from that bagel shop in the walgreen shopping area. it took over 1 hour once for me to get my breakfast bagels, the coffee and bagels were cold. disgusting and disappointing.

            FH will grow on you.. but i've moved onto bigger and better culinary pastures... sunnyside! :)

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              There is no excuse for a bad bagel or bialy in NYC and the place you mention, I think called Forest Hills Bagel, is awful, at least for bialys. The one I got had great veggie cream cheese, but the bialy was more like a chewy roll. Very disappointing.

            2. In Primadonna's defense, a fresh pie is acceptable when you have a pizza jonesing...and they deliver...i call and ask for fresh pie, guy says of course fresh, i respond, if it comes before 20 minutes are up i'm sending it back--make it from scratch, i'll wait--it's the only way to go...

              1. Jackson Heights is a great area to explore some ethnic foods if you are in need of diversity from Forest Hills. :) Around the 74th Street / Roosevelt Ave train station, there are some good restaurants:
                1) Vietnamese - Thai Son (Good vietnamese sandwiches for about $4)
                2) Korean - Hae Woo Dae (Good soondobu jigae)
                3) Cuban - El Sitio (Good octopus rice)
                4) Thai - Arunee Thai (Good pad thai and fried coconut ice cream)
                5) Indian - Jackson Diner / Ashoka
                6) Halal - Sammy's Halal Cart
                7) Mexican - Taquera Coatzingo (sp?)


                1. I agree with take out. And if you ever use Take Out Connection it can get expensive and notso rewarding. I love mexican food, and I don't think Forest Hills has any good ones. Everyone talks up 5 Burros, but I don't think it's that good. Here are some places I like:

                  kuzaku japanese restaurant - Has Korean food and their japanese food ain't bad either. Probably the only place in FH that has Korean food.

                  Sushi Oh - is some good japanese delivery.

                  Nick's - hands down some great pizza. but no delivery.

                  The thai place on 70th Rd between Queens Blvd and Austin. When I get home and find out the name, I'll edit this post.

                  1. There is the Pio Pio that is on Woodhaven Blvd in Rego Park (technically) don't deliver though, Corfu is very good and they do deliver (in the same plaza as Pui Bella upstairs), Sushi Oh used to be okay, but frankly I won't' go anymore they have been closed down by the board of health numerous times over the past year with so many critical violations, I don't understand how that's possible given the size of the place, but check it out for yourself online..Nick's pizza is great, but no delivery as mentioned. There is J&D Pizza that is in Rego Park, their pasta's are great there, and they deliver and are reasonable. The falafel place next to railroad some like, I don't. There is a decent Chinese called Golden Fountain on Metropolitan, and there is some sushi at the Kew Gardens Fish Market on LEfferts, they don't deliver. There is the new Japanese place that has received nice feedback called Ran on Metrop, I think they deliver, stopped by there yesterday, they just had a lunch menu, cute place, nice guy. Not sure if cobblestone's delivers on QB as they are supposed to have good burgers...perhaps make a list and make some calls...also, there is the Chinese place next to Sam Ash, also good but pricier than others.

                    1. The preferences at my house: Grand Szechuan II (Rego Park) for Chinese; Avellino's for Italian entrees and heroes, but not pizza (we used to do J&D for Italian, but have found we like Avellino's better); Frankie & Joey's for pizza (not the best I've ever had, but acceptable, and tastier sauce than Stromboli); Penang for Malaysian; Mickey's for sushi; and Thai Pot (for Thai, obviously). Corfu's not bad, but I don't like their hummus (too pasty). I love Istanbul, but depending on where you are in Forest Hills they might not deliver to you, and if they do, they take FOREVER (we waited close to 2 hours for a delivery once). We used to like Raj Gate for Indian, but our last two meals from them were kind of gross--so much grease I literally starting getting indigestion while I was eating. When we're really lazy and want breakfast delivered, we go with Tower Diner, but if you're doing takeout as opposed to eating in, skip the omelettes--they don't travel well.

                      My advice on Takeout Connection is to skip it. Unless they have improved greatly since our last experience with them, they take quite a long time, and the food is often cold by the time it arrives. If the place doesn't do it's own delivery, you're better off picking up.

                      1. Pinang on Queens Blvd is really good for Thai food. They do deliver, but I'm not sure how far they go. Also D'Angelos on 108th street is good for Pizza, lasagna, ziti etc and they deliver pretty quickly.

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                          Actually, despite the inclusion of Pad Thai on their menu, Pinang is primarily Malaysian.

                        2. Pinang does deliver, and a lot of their dishes are good; however, beware of forever shifting prices, especially in the case of the pad thai. You never know what they'll decide to charge you for it until you get your delivery. I would also recommend Peking Duck Forest on 70th Road but only for peking duck. Does anyone know what's the name of the Chinese place by Sam Ash that Janie refers to?


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                            it's called East Ocean Palace, now..used to be called something different before it was taken over by new owners about a year ago. My husband used to eat at the former place alot---nasty servers but pretty good black bean sauce...he goes there now, and servers got nicer, prices went up a bit, but still pretty good...it's not Spicy and Tasty, but it's definitely tops for this area.

                          2. I've never had any problems with Take Out Connection, though I will vouch for the time being long. That said, I almost exclusively order in from Unos through them since I happen to really like their wings. And Unos quite possibly has the slowest kitchen in all creation.

                            I've found that sometimes the best thing to do is to pick up. So I'll call the restaurant directly on the way home, place an order, tell them when I'll be there, and just get it on the way. This way, they cook it while I'm on the subway. It helps that I live on the south side of QB where most of the restaurants are.

                            My favorite places for delivery are Bann Thai for Thai, Unos (for the wings), Red House Kitchen on Yellowstone for Chinese, and Sorisi or A&J for pizza (not a big Ariana person).

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                            1. Molace you mentioned the wings at Unos. Are they Buffalo Wings? I'm dying to have some decent ones. When we lived in Manhattan we used to get Atomic Wings. Since we moved to FH (three-plus years ago) I haven't found any that even come close! Any help would be greatly appreciated. (Uno's would certainly be convenient, if they serve them.) But if anyone could help out, please chime in! I would be willing to drive to them (Middle Village, Rego Park, Flushing, etc.)

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                                There is also a Colombian place at Union Turnpike that will deliver up to Ascan Avenue, if you are farther away they might not do it. The place is called Springtime,
                                The food is not consistent you can go from very good to OK, but if you have a cold and want home-made tasting chicken is a good place. Their corn-meal empanadas are also good. Calculate 15-20 minutes for delivery.

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                                  Yep Buffalo wings. I like them. They remind me of the kind I had in college. They aren't just fried with tobasco on top. They're pretty meaty. My only complaint is that they aren't spicy. So while I've never had atomic wings, if you're going for burn-your-tongue-off-and-get-that-nose-running heat (which I love by the way), they aren't them.

                                2. I've been working on a website for my building for the past couple of months. Compiling all Forest Hills restaurants. It has locations, hours, menus, and delivery info (if any). Hope it could be helpful to some. I'm constantly updating it. But if you have any suggestions...