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Mar 6, 2007 01:48 PM

2007 in Forest Hills

Sorry for the corny title but it seems like a lot of the discussions about Forest Hills are outdated.

Few questions...

Places for good delivery? I get Chinese, pizza, taco, Japanese menus at my door all the time but few places I tried...are really bad! (Tako Sushi? Wow, their fish is so not fresh...and I ordered from some Mexican place and their nachos...let's just say I can make better ones...I've ordered from Primadonna's pizza place and it wasn't fantastic either)

Are there any Korean or Vietnamese restaurants in Forest Hills?

Also...where can I even get the delivery menu's?
For Brooklyn/Manhattan restaurants, I've used there no equivalent site for Queens restaurants?

Food around Forest Hills have been totally
It's been so bad that I sometimes get a take out from Manhattan on my way home and heat it up!


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  1. Mickey's Sushi
    Thai Austin
    That's about it. And Thai Austin doesn't even dliver to me (67th ave)!!
    FH is food hell.

    1. Oh yeah--the shwarma guy "On the Grill" delivers.

      1. I second Mickey's and Thai Austin, both these spots are pretty good. Delivery-wise may be a bit of a challenge in FH but if you have a car and don't mind travelling a short distance to Flushing or Elmhurst there you will find very good korean & vietnamese. The chinese restaurant with the big yellow awning (can't remember the name) by 67 Ave & QB has pretty good take out and I'm sure they will deliver. Johnny Rockets delivers...and Corfu Greek restaurant on Austin delivers, Mike's Pizza on Yellowstone makes a decent pie.

        You may have to go to these places first and pick up there take out menus =(

        1. Thanks for the tips!
          I'll have to pick up a menu from Corfu.
          Yeah...FH food is hell.
          Better off getting food delivered from Fresh Direct!

          1. thai pot is also a good choice. nothing out of the ordinary, but consistent.

            there's a pizza place right off of the south side of qb as it becomes 102nd st - i think it's called stromboli or something. again, nothing out of the ordinary, but their chicken parm was delicious. friendly owners - i think they are twins!

            singah's pizza on 108 is also decent for personal sized pizzas. it's made as you order so it takes some time to make, but worth the wait for the most part.

            call to pick-up from nick's - in addition to their pizza i really like their calzones.

            but do not do delivery from that bagel shop in the walgreen shopping area. it took over 1 hour once for me to get my breakfast bagels, the coffee and bagels were cold. disgusting and disappointing.

            FH will grow on you.. but i've moved onto bigger and better culinary pastures... sunnyside! :)

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            1. re: Linda

              There is no excuse for a bad bagel or bialy in NYC and the place you mention, I think called Forest Hills Bagel, is awful, at least for bialys. The one I got had great veggie cream cheese, but the bialy was more like a chewy roll. Very disappointing.