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Mar 6, 2007 01:46 PM

Would like to go to Parma. Any ideas?

Hello, I am spending the week in Italy next week. And need an idea for a day trip from Milan. I was thinking it would be great to go to Parma and visit a parmasan farm. But I have no clue on how to get to one from the Parma train station. Any ideas on which farm to visit and how to get there?


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  1. heres a trade consortium website to check.

    you could I am sure also go to the Parma tourist information office.
    without looking I suspect that Patricia Wells book offers some suggestions.

    Parma is a stunning town with great food. If you do a search you will find earlier posts about eating opportunities there on this Board or the International Board (for posts prior to July 06.

    1. You might also try to find a copy of Fred Plotkin's "Italy For The Gourmet Traveler." It was published a decade ago, but reading the pages on Parma should give you a good idea of what food/dining/shopping options are available to you there.

      My guess is it would be 15-20 miles from Parma train station to the nearest cheese farm.

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        A revised version of Plotkin's book came out in May 2007, FYI.

      2. Last time through Parma to change trains to Lucca, there was an interactive touch screen computer in the train station with tourist info so maybe that can help you right away, if you cannot find the tourist office.

        1. Go to the site for the parmigiano reggiano consortium, they do guided visits and you can purchase directly. I think it's .