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Mar 6, 2007 01:25 PM

Orlando March break

We will be going to Orlando with grandkids aged 4 - 14 (four) and their mothers.
Staying at the Nickelodeon just west of International rd.
Need help !
Kid friendly restaurants for dinner.
Two kids won't touch fish, so a fish house with good options.
Any restaurant that can accomodate all of us with no fuss.
Hubbie won't eat at fast food chains.
Any suggestions nearby would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. If you are not familiar with the hotel you have booked, I suggest you spend some time checking it out. It is like kid heaven, with the adults along to pay the way.

    One thing to consider is that kids eat free at the hotel's main restaurant -- which may be a consideration. There's also a large food court setup with several types of food and a common eating area.

    There's also a nightly stage show, not sure if food is included in that.

    There's also a grown up restaurant with a large bar. You will likely need it.

    If you feel the need to leave the hotel, do not be concerned about kid-friendly restaurants. Orlando runs on family vacations and even the priciest restaurant at Disney is kid friendly -- although they chage adult prices for the prix fix meal.

    Here's a link to the AOL list of family friendly restauarants ( I don't agree with all of it -- there are too many Disney restaurants and I don't think it's fair to include restaurants in the park where admission is charge. However Boma is a good option as are pretty much all the others except Marakeesh -- the Moroccan restaurant in Epcot that I would not subject a child to.


    1. Hi Erly!
      Just got back from a long weekend in Orlando/LBV. Do call ahead for ressies, last Friday evening a couple of West Sand Lake restaurants had staggering 2 hour waits for a table - I can't imagine what next week will be like!
      If your family likes Mexican, I'd like to recommend Taquitos Jalisco (Metrowest Plaza). Family restaurant, good food, no wait at lunch time. I wish I had time to try Cafe Tu Tu Tango and Bluezoo. If you like Asian, Asia Bagus in Kissimmee sounds good since we have no Indonesian restaurant in Toronto.

      1. You're not staying that far from Downtown Disney. There are a few kid-friendly restaurants there, including The Rain Forest Cafe. There is a Bahama Breeze on Vineland Rd. which is also not far from where you are staying. I know these aren't necessarily "chowish" suggestions, but they're easy to feed kids.

        1. Well, there is a Giordano's, which is a chain, but great pizza in Chicago. I would say this one isn't as good as the ones in Chicago, but still good. And family friendly.

          We have family down from Virginia right now and they're staying in the Nick Hotel. The kids are loving it and it is literally right at the entrance to the drive that leads into Disney. Have fun!

          1. Thanks all
            Helpful as usual.
            I had no idea that the hotel was so large.
            Never stayed there beore.
            Always at the contemporary in Disney.
            But knew it would be a zoo for March break...with lineups, even for breakfast.
            Happy about the kid options at the hotel.
            Will check out the other helpful suggestions here as it sounds that we have lots of good options.
            Will make reservations wherever possible, as kids couldn't wait two hours in lineups.
            This won't be a "chowish" trip, but the needs of the grandkids come first.
            Only one, a 6 year old grand-daughter will be a true Chowhound!