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Mar 6, 2007 01:20 PM

No More Luxury in Oakland, replaced by Kang Nam Pho

My wife and I had a hankering on Sunday for ddukboki (spicy rice cakes) and quickly drove over to our favorite Korean restaurant Luxury at 44th and Telegraph. We hadn't been there for a couple of weeks and were quite surprised to see that it was now a Pho restaurant (but oddly enough, with Korean signage).

We are mourning the loss of a really affordable and unique Korean restaurant in the Telegraph strip, but I do love pho, which there is a shortage of in North Oakland and Berkeley. My Korean wife was too depressed to give the pho a try, but I was wondering if any had ventured in to try the pho and see if it was authentic or not (don't know if the place is run by Vietnamese or Korean owners).

Also, anybody know why Luxury was replaced? It seemed to enjoy decent business and was pretty full whenever we visited.

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  1. Never fear, Kang Nam has Dduck Bok E on the appetizer menu. It's a Korean Pho house. The menu sports around a dozen apps (fried shrimp cake, fried chicken wings, soon dae...), 18 varieties of beef pho, 1 chicken pho, several seafood soups, around 10 varieties of bun, and a dozen rice plates. We'll be trying it for take away tonight. Friends had pho there the other day and were generally positive.

    Kang Nam Pho House
    4419 Telegraph Ave.
    Oakland, CA 94609

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      Interesting, have you run across other Korean pho joints? And, how was the food pretty please?

    2. Do tell! I would love something closer than El Cerrito or downtown Oakland.

      1. Jong Ga House on Grand has ddukboki. It's one of my favorite Korean dishes as well. I loved Koko's version before it closed. The only good version close to us is Shin Tofu House in Newark.

        1. i could be wrong, but i have seen korean pho houses before, in this very city, and have heard about their popularity with korean-americans in LA and even in seoul. this is probably not the right board for this tangent. i wish i could remember the other vietnamese restaurants that prominently display their menu on the window in korean. i know of one on irving (it may even be yummy yummy) and one by brothers II on geary.

          i don't want to make assumptions, but...has anyone else in the SF bay area eaten korean pho?

          1. Thanks for the ddukboki suggestions. And I am eager to hear the reviews from Kang Nam pho (if I get around to eating there myself soon, I'll be sure to add one).

            Side note: There are lots of pho restaurants in LA's Koreatown. Haven't tried any of them though.