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Mar 6, 2007 01:14 PM

Very best Indian

Having a guest from India this weekend.
He treats us like royalty when we are in his country.
Price no object.
Fine dining experience.
Restaurants with tablecloths, etc.
Anywhere in the GTA
He is a vegetarian, so I would like a restaurant with a good vegetarian selection

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  1. Are you sure you want to take him to an Indian restaurant? If I travelled to India, the last thing I'd want would be "Canadian" food. Just asking...

    1. My favorite place is Dimple. It is a nice place (not amazing) , The food is affordable and really good, But the best thing is the buffet. Its the only Indian buffet I know of in Manhattan that is open on the weekend.

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      1. re: JaredR

        Jared, erly has posted a query on the Ontario/Toronto board. Manhattan is not really an option.

        1. The Host is a fairly safe, "fine dining Indian" place with locations both downtown, I believe on Prince Arthur and in Mississauga near the big mall. I've been a bit dissapointed with the 'new' Biryani House on Wellesely, so won't recommend it. There are a few others that are quite good, but not in the fine dining realm. There is a place at Yonge and Sheppard that is supposed to be excellent, but not sure how fancy it is.

          1. Dine with SK often around the world (business) he always wants Indian food.
            Can't believe it myself!
            A couple of years ago we took him to Lotus Pond, and his reaction was "polite".

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              What about Sher-E-Punjab on the Danforth? Or Jaipur Grille? Both are a little more upscale than some and they've got decent food, and I notice that Jaipur Grille has quite a bit for vegetarians. This is from their menu:


              Kadahi Paneer Jaipuri
              Cottage cheese cooked with tomatoes, peppers & fresh roasted spices
              Navrattan Korma
              Garden vegetables cooked in rich almond sauce with peaches & pineapple
              Mushroom Mutter
              Field Mushrooms & green peas sauteed with ginger & garlic finished with sauce
              Aloo Gobi ki Sabzi
              Cauliflower flowerets & potatoes tempered with ginger, turmeric & cumin
              Sabzi Hara Masala
              Mix veg cooked in tribal way with roasted spice mix pounded with cashews
              Baingan Kashmiri
              Diced eggplant cooked with fennel seeds, caramelized onions & tomatoes
              Saag Paneer
              Baby spinach sauteed & braised with tomatoes & homemade cottage cheese
              Hari Makai Palak
              Interesting combination of baby spinach & tomatoes with corn kernels
              Bhindi Aloo Sabzi
              Fresh Okra tempered with ginger & cumin finished with caramelized onions
              Chana Masala
              Chick peas cooked in tangy onion & tomato gravy
              Daal Makhani
              Black lentils simmered overnight with light spices & tomatoes

              Erly, let us know what your friend thinks of the place(s) you choose.

              1. re: Full tummy

                Sher-E-Punjab is nice inside, but the food's pretty average. Typical watered-down sauces. My Indian friend swears by Bombay Behl, which has multiple locations (mississauga, etc), but it's not very fancy - no cloth tablecloths.

                1. re: Sinfulia

                  The Mississauga location (Meadowvale) indeed has "cloth tablecloths".. I have been there three times, and find it hard to believe anybody swears by their food.

            2. Kissan — vegetarian from the Sidfhartha peeps. Little India.