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Mar 6, 2007 12:10 PM

Mamma Maria

I'm going to Mamma Maria on Passyunk next month with a bunch of friends. Has any one ever been? It costs $50 per person for food and all the wine that you can drink. I cannot imagine the wine can be that good.

I'm also going to Osteria soon and it was hard to get reservations for a Friday night. Has any one been yet? I wonder if the pizza is good.

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  1. Everything I had at Osteria was fantastic. The pizza is the best I've ever had in the city.

    1. I've been to Mamma Maria's. The food is ok. the wine is less than ok. With dessert, they put bottles of cordials on your table. People leave hammered.

      1. We went there about a year ago, wine is table wine but not bad- food was good, fresh but not very exciting. I would not make a special trip to go back but it is certainly not 'off my list'.

        1. I've been there once (walked in without knowing how much it cost, $66pp incl tip) and liked the food ok, but I found the price offensive. Some courses were much better than others, their crepe soup and cold plates were good, entree was just passable - some kind of plain tasting chicken and broccoli - yawn. There's no way I'm going back and spending that kind of money on food that doesn't amaze me. Couldn't even soften the blow to my wallet with the free liquor as I was driving.

          1. When I went there (Mama Maria's) I felt like a tourist. Sort of like dining at a not recently refurbished "old school" Italian restaurant in Disneyland. Our server was a young, nose wiping guy, clearly not with it. The food was fine, but completely uninspired. It's a very nice idea, and the liquor is really all you want, BUT I doubt any real South Philly Italians go there.