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Work dinner help

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Long time reader, first time poster...

I'm trying to decide on a restaurant for dinner with coworkers. We are a very fun group who are very into food - and drinks!

We usually do the upscale dining - Abe & Louie's type restaurants w/private rooms. This time around we are craving a place where we can be loud, have fun; but also enjoy some incredible food and drinks.

I'm leaning towards the East Coast Grill - but would prefer somewhere in Boston.

I'm looking for something as goofy and fun as the Midieval Manor; but w/out the cheesiness and much better food.

All suggestions welcome!

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  1. Silvertone. Parish Cafe. Eastern Standard. None of them are goofy but they're all fun.

    1. How big is your group? Do you need a private room?

      1. How about the new and very much improved Good Life?

        1. Cuchi Cuchi in Cambridge is great for drinks and food - lots f fun.

          Eastern Standard has a great private room. Sonsie or Sorisso could work also.

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            Or you could try Toro if you could get enough space... and after passing the porron around a couple of times, it will probably get goofy. I don't think Cuchi Cuchi offers it, although Dali (a bit harder to book depending on the night) does.

          2. How many of you are there? What night of the week?

            1. Thanks all, those are some definite good suggestions. A private room would be great; but not entirely necessary.

              There are 10 of us.

              Eastern Standard has never let me down as far as quality goes. I'll also look into Toro and the Good Life. I'm also curious about Silvertone.