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Mar 6, 2007 12:02 PM

Work dinner help

Long time reader, first time poster...

I'm trying to decide on a restaurant for dinner with coworkers. We are a very fun group who are very into food - and drinks!

We usually do the upscale dining - Abe & Louie's type restaurants w/private rooms. This time around we are craving a place where we can be loud, have fun; but also enjoy some incredible food and drinks.

I'm leaning towards the East Coast Grill - but would prefer somewhere in Boston.

I'm looking for something as goofy and fun as the Midieval Manor; but w/out the cheesiness and much better food.

All suggestions welcome!

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  1. Silvertone. Parish Cafe. Eastern Standard. None of them are goofy but they're all fun.

    1. How big is your group? Do you need a private room?

      1. How about the new and very much improved Good Life?

        1. Cuchi Cuchi in Cambridge is great for drinks and food - lots f fun.

          Eastern Standard has a great private room. Sonsie or Sorisso could work also.

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            Or you could try Toro if you could get enough space... and after passing the porron around a couple of times, it will probably get goofy. I don't think Cuchi Cuchi offers it, although Dali (a bit harder to book depending on the night) does.

          2. How many of you are there? What night of the week?