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Mar 6, 2007 11:43 AM


Where is the best place to buy Tamales by the dozen in Austin? I moved back about 7 months ago, and I am jonesing for good tamales. I am of the opinion that most Tex Mex places serve substandard tamale entrees, so I usually by them by the dozen at some place and make my own tamale's plate.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Unfortunately, the best way is probably to know someone who knows someone who makes and sells tamales. (In my case the mother of my father's co-worker or something like that.) Curra's sells their tamales by the dozen. They're different from the norm -- fluffy, with a slightly sweeter than usual masa. I like these on occasion, though the greasy dense pork type are still my favorite.

    1. Oaxacan Tamaleo on Anderson. The best ever. Not Tex-Mex mind you and rather pricey...over $20 for a dozen but man are they worth it.

      I would actually just make a trip to San Antonio to Ruben's and pick up about 6 dozen and freeze them.

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        Yes, I was going to say the best tamales in Austin are about 80 miles south of here. Ruben's are good, but I really like the pork tamales at Adelita.

        San Antonio tamales are worth the trip.

      2. Did you see this thread from last fall on the best tamales in Austin?

        There is a similar one about tamales in San Antonio, over on the Texas board:


        1. My favorite tamales are at El Zunzal on East 7th. These are Central American style tamales, not Tex-Mex style, but they are absolutely delicious.