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Mar 6, 2007 11:41 AM

Where’s the Elk in NYC?

A friend of mine in LA keeps raving about the amazing elk sirloin he’s had out there. I’d really like to try some here in NYC but I have no idea where to begin looking.

Anybody out there into elk meat? Where can one get a good elk steak in New York?

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  1. They have it on occasion at Henry's End in Brooklyn Heights.

    I had it once and it was tasty, but a bit gamey. Certainly more so than Bison or Venison.

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    1. re: elecsheep9

      Henry's End -- which is a terrific place -- has a wild game festival every year from Oct to Feb:

    2. Thanks, elecsheep.

      And that's it? In this city of 10,000 restaurants there's got to be more than one place to find elk meat?

      Where is everybody? C'mon people! Show me some love...i'm dying over here...

      1. Wild game isn't huge here in NYC. You may find venison and buffalo and the such, but elk, bear, etc. are generally found in very few places. Henry's End is one of the big game places, as is Marco Polo Ristorante in Carroll Gardens - they have Wild Game dinners every once in a while. I think it had been a special at the Lonesome Dove, but that's since gone out of business.

        I think the reason people are staying quiet is because it's not easy to find here and something that is not in high demand.

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        1. re: lambretta76

          Bear? Have you ever seen that on a menu? Interesting....
          As far as wild game not being huge in NYC, what do you call the craze for "wild boar" that seems to be going on? Everytime I look it's "Pappardelle in a Wild Boar Ragu" or "Wild Boar Confit" or "Home-cured Wild Boar Sausage." Maybe it's just normal pork and they're lying to us?
          anyway...thanks for the heads up. I'm putting Henry's End on my short list.

          1. re: Gnu23

            Not only have I seen bear on a menu but I've eaten bear off that same menu. It was at a restaurant in Tallinn, Estonia called Alte Hansa (Old House), a medieval themed restaurant in an authentic medieval house. The bear dish was the piece de la resistance on the "hunter's banquet" menu. As it goes I didn't particularly care for it - it was very tough meat and had an excessively gamey flavour perhaps not surprisingly.

            1. re: Gnu23

              I don't think most of the wild boar served is actually from wild animals that are hunted; it's a different kind of pig that is farm-raised, but is called "wild boar" since it's a different species from a domestic pig.

          2. You can get Elk sausage at Aspen

            1. I know it's out of season but when it's warm and lovely you can find Elk burgers at Water Taxi Beach.