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Mar 6, 2007 11:37 AM

Prosciutto Ends?

I picked up some prosciutto ends as an impulse buy at the Italian deli.

Now what should I do with these???

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  1. My favorite! I beg those off the deli people whenever I can.
    If you're a bread-baker, try a lard bread. I'm in the process of tweaking The Bread Bible's version and haven't quite gotten it where I'd like it. (If anyone has any great recipes, please share!)
    Minced up bits sauteed first are great added to most any tomato sauce. You could also saute some with your onions when making wine sauces for Italian dishes.
    Minced and cooked with eggs for breakfast, brunch, etc.

    Looking forward to seeing what others come up with.

    1. Works well for seasoning a pot of beans.

      1. Pasta with cream and proscuitto
        Pasta shells with peas , red onions , proscuitto, garlic , red pepper and parsley.
        Rapini with shereded prosuitto.

        1. I toss 'em into stocks. A little too light for beef, gets lost. But adds great flavor to chicken, pork and fish stocks. Then you can shred or dice them and put the meat into whatever soup you make. Kicks ass in clam chowder.

          1. My son uses a coarse cheese grater and sprinkles them all over everything...salads, pasta, you name it. Mmmm.

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