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Mar 6, 2007 11:24 AM


Has anyone ever been to portovino in Dorval/St. Laurent? Any comments, suggestions?


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  1. just for sunday brunch and one year my husband's x-mas party. Didn't like either. Food is mediocre. We sat upstairs in the mezzanine, didn't like the ambience. Service is not outstanding.

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      Any reports on their desserts? Apparently they make their own.

    2. Its byob the main reason for its popularity,its busy, service is not great and the wait is long...

      1. I have only been once. I found the food to be mediocre and the prices to be inflated. Service was impersonal (no greeting, no smiles... just seemed like they are trudging through their job and can't wait to be done with it). I must also say that they never came around to re-fill our coffees, seemed annoyed to serve us dessert, and then rushed us out because the 9:00 seating was waiting for our table. Very embarrassing since we were entertaining a professional speaker from out-of-town.