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Mar 6, 2007 11:19 AM

thickening my soup - is it too late?

I made a cream of turkey soup, and I added more stock than I had planned so my roux didn't thicken it to my liking. Can I do another small batch of roux and add it to the soup? Or is it too late? Or is there some other palatable way to thicken my soup?

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  1. Yes, you can add another roux, but add the broth to the roux instead of vice-versa so you don't get lumps.

    1. You could do the roux or you can add vegetables, cook until they're soft and then puree with an immersion blender. Makes it much healthier, too.

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        thanks. I already added some veg, I think I'll opt for the roux. I don't want to further compromise the fatty richness! :) off to make more roux

      2. You could also use heavy cream

        1. Or reduce it longer if you don't want to add additional fat to the soup itself. Though if you don't want to compromise fatty richness, then i guess that isnt an issue for you! :)

          Just remember what Mawrter said - pull broth out, mix it with the roux, and then add back to the pot. My "cream of asparagus" disaster of 1994 was enough of a lesson on the congealing properties of flour.

          1. I made a recipe for pumpkin and black bean soup over the weekend. I was pleasantly surprised by both the thickening power of the (canned) pumpkin and the super-mild pumpkin flavor. I'm going to try using it to thicken other soups as well.