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Mar 6, 2007 11:10 AM

Special Birthday Dinner for Five

Hi Everyone! I hope you can give me some guidance. My best friend has been dying to try Komi for some time now, so I decided this year we'd celebrate her 28th birthday there. Sadly, when I called to make the reservation, I was told that they do not accomodate parties larger than four. There are five of us.'s back to the drawing board. We'd like to do a nice meal in the sort of place that one doesn't just go to because it's Friday night. It needs to be in Washington, DC. Tasting menu would be fun. Are also considering Obelisk or Palena. Any other ideas? Thank you!

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  1. What's the budget per person- if you are in the Palena realm if you can get into Eve I'd go there.

    1. I'd say more toward $75 than $100. What about Nora?

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        Last time I was at Nora I thought it was just ok. In that range per person including wine I'd either get a table upstairs at Dino- I know you're shocked by that, or I'd get a table in back at Firefly.

      2. Oh no, that's not including wine! :-) Dino, huh?

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          It's more relaxed, but the food is great and the wine prices are great. OK, not including wine- Vidalia for someplace dressier. For any table of mine with 5 of us we are drinking 2 bottles of wine + cocktails, thus this can often be the most expensive part of dinner :) Dino = great wine at great prices, Vidalia = expensive but amazing wine list (and get yourself a mint julep while you're there)

        2. Oh! Definitely go to Obelisk. It's wonderful. But you need to call NOW for reservations. They book up fast on weekends. I just love it. Been going since it opened.