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Mar 6, 2007 11:03 AM

Any BYOB places in Providence?

We've got a great bottle of wine we'd like to drink at a nice meal, don't mind paying a corkage fee. Is there anywhere in Providence or nearby that will let you bring a bottle in?


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  1. i don't know if these will qualify as meals nice enough for your wine, but the BYOB places i know in providence are sakura (sushi), sawadee (thai), and meeting street cafe (ginormous yummy sandwiches, and some entrees that are pretty good). i like all of them but they're not really what one might envision in terms of a lovely little candelit restaurant with incredible food and no liquor license (i'd be interested to see if there are any places, too!)

    1. Taste of India on Wickenden Street in Providence is also BYOB. The food is good, but pretty standard Indian fare; nothing to write home about.

      One of my family's favorite restaurants is Pinelli's on Rt. 2 in Warwick. They're a deli by day and a fantastic BYOB (no corking fee) Italian restaurant by night. There are a bunch of other restaurants owned by the same group (Grille on Main, Cucina, Post Office Cafe), but the original Pinelli's is my favorite. Twist on Angell is also good, but I don't believe they're BYOB.

      1. Casa Christine's is a BYOB (down the street from Caserta Pizza) and Romanza on Wickedon St. is also a BYOB.

        1. I've heard there's a good italian BYOB place on Hope, near Rue de L'espoir. According to this article from 2001, it's called Guido's:


          I don't know if any of the other listed places are still around, but it's worth a shot. Report back if you find something great!

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            I was just talking about Guido's, I think it closed

            1. re: PaulaK

              Get out! That sucks---they were excellent. I'm still getting over the trauma of Big Alice's closing.

              1. re: Moonpie1

                Me too, Moonpie. Maxmillians is good, but it's not Big Alice's.

                1. re: JaneRI

                  and FYI, Maxmillians no longer exists -- it's "Three sisters" now... and not very appealing. I also saw on tomatosoup's blog that their experience was lousy.

                  1. re: madgee

                    You beat me to that...I've never been inside Three Sisters, but my husband has. He said the guy was really nice, the coffee was really average and I say the place will not be there long. Looks like they are trying, but...

                    We never went to Maxmillian's anymore in recent years. Waaay overpriced, although it was good. We go to Sunshine Creamery in Rumford---not as gourmet-ish, but very good ice cream and the friendliest teenagers I've ever met, and a nice overall place to go w/the family.

                    I grew up on Big Alice's, though, and still think there was nothing better. I used to work w/at-risk kids, and the owner would close the place and lock the door (we'd watch people come and shake the door and move on) in the middle of summer, for us and our group of kids on a field trip-----have them make a batch of vanilla, explain the whole process, give them (and us) all they could eat and would not take more than $1/kid. He was terrific, and I had no personal connection w/him at all---he was just a good guy.

              2. re: PaulaK

                Guido's isn't closed: Call (401) 273-5812

            2. Is Romanza still open? I had heard it was closing as the owners took over the old Cafe Madrid (kept the name) in Woonsocket.

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              1. re: JaneRI

                Sounds as if you are correct. We just called the number and it is disconnected. How long ago did they take over Cafe Madrid? We were there a couple of years ago and it was owned by a person who formerly worked with the people from Alicante in Mendon, MA..

                1. re: jandj

                  W/in the last couple of months, and it's just secondhand info, I'm not 100% sure it's them at Madrid.

                  Two ideas for BYOB - go to and see how many of these byob's are still open (article is a couple of years old), or stay home and cook a special dinner. I went to Casa Christine a few yrs ago and she was such a b*tch I have never been back. Some people seem to feel that's part of the charm of the place....I couldn't disagree more.