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Mar 6, 2007 10:50 AM

What's up with the Wild Hare??

I realized that it closed and is under new managment but wondering if as opened and if they are serving food. In particular, the double fried french fries the Wild Hare use to serve. Fantastic!!

Does anyone know what is going on??

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  1. It should be open in about a month. It will be called The York and will be an upscale pub with food and drinks. Look for it to open around 7.17.07

    1. The former Wild Hare space was gutted from top to bottom.
      It's on my way home, so I pass by everyday.
      It's looking like it is near completion. Can't wait.

      For now, try Johnny's @ 5006 York. - no food, but it's a really comfortable and friendly neighborhood bar. There is a pool table and they ususally have a screen going w/old cartoons or obscure movies.

      Marty's btwn. Ave. 51 & 52 has received mixed reviews on their food and attire policy.
      I have been twice and will not be returning. I don't see it lasting very long unless they make some changes there. York Blvd./Highland Park is not ready for Hollywood style doormen and valet parking.