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Mar 6, 2007 10:40 AM

Poll: What restaurants do you eat in most often?

This is different than "what's your favorite restaurant?"

It's different than "what's the best restaurant?"

And it's different than "what restaurant would you eat in if money were no object or if you lived in a different neighborhood or if you lived in a different city?"

It's just: What restaurants do you eat in most often?

They are going to be places you like, of course. At least one will most likely be near to where you live. Another might be close to where you work or go to school. Or both or all three.

These are your go-to places for good food, convenience and comfort. The place where they recognize you, perhaps, and that's a good thing. Maybe the place that's quick or the place where they'll let you pay tomorrow if you forgot your wallet.

Here are mine:

Tacomiendo (corner of Inglewood and Culver). I live in a neighborhood with many places to get good tacos and other Mexican dishes. Tacomiendo is not only great food, but it's closest to my house and open late enough to get the nod over some others. I order (not all in the same meal) asada, pollo or carnitas tacos. I love the chile colorado. I like the asada plate. They have great tortillas. I also like their burritos, though sometimes they fall apart. I always grab a cup of the free beans they have next to the salsa bar.

Ronnie's Diner: (Culver Boulevard near the 90 freeway): Love the breakfasts, the omelettes and the breakfast burritos (which they wrap as two separate burritos for easy handling or the taking home of leftovers). I eat the turkey chili and the turkey burgers. Sometimes I go healthy and get egg whites and a steak or chicken breast for the protein. They have soy milk for my coffee. Good sandwiches, too and sometimes I get the dinner specials.

The Slice (Ocean Park Boulevard near 16th): It surprises me that it's on the list, but I have to be honest, I eat there a lot. It's very convenient for me because my kids play sports at the middle school across the street and The Slice is open late enough to eat in after practice. The Slice gets more of my business when its football or baseball season. I don't eat much pizza, but I do like the sub sandwiches. I order the meatball or the sausage and they'll do a combo for me if I ask even though it's not on the menu. It's not as good as Rinaldi's, but I'm not in El Segundo at 8:30 at night. Also, my kids like it a lot and they can get a couple of slices and a salad after practice. I like the hot wings and the boneless wings made out of breast meat. The buffalo chicken sandwich ordered hot if really good to me.

Cinco de Mayo: It's open 24 hours and near my house. I like the taquitos of all things. I like the egg and onion burrito. I like the hard shell tacos. Nothing in CDM is great, but it's pretty consistently tasty. But more than anything else it is fast and open and easy to park. And cheap, too.

Rutt's Hut: Another spot in my 'hood. I like to order the Royale's atkins style. The family likes it for the Hawaiian dishes like Spam Musubi. The fish is good, here, too. Sometimes a hamburger and hash browns hit the spot.

This is a list that will change over time. I went through a Mi Ranchito phase. I work near Westwood, so Falafel King is another spot I go through phases with (though mostly I eat in the caf.) I meat a friend at Duke's coffee shop on Sunset once a month, almost always eat a turkey burger and salad on the side. In a month, this list would change again. But for now, this is it.

If I think of any other places, I'll add to my own thread.

Where do you eat most often?

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  1. I thought it was interesting in the thread "Where are you eating this weekend" that so few of the spots named were the typical Chowhound destination spots -- there were a few, but lots of "it's in the neighborhood" or "our friends like it" type of spots.
    Anyway, because I have a blog, I don't repeat that often.
    But when I do, it's usually
    -Nadpob or Mae Ploy for Thai
    -Haru Ulala because it's comfy and tasty
    -Square One for an indulgent breakfast
    - Zankou Chicken because my kids like it (although I've practically reached saturation point)
    -the taco truck on Alvarado.
    My son usually insists on going to Siete Mares for tacos on Saturday after his karate class. I used to go to Malo a lot but somehow I am craving margaritas less frequently lately, now I'm on a beer kick.
    Places I would like to be a regular at, but I would end up spending too much money:
    M Cafe de Chaya

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    1. re: Chowpatty

      Del Taco, Costco, Arco... I hate em all... but I eat at them a few times each week because they are close :)

    2. SinBaLa

      Seafood Village

      Sea Harbour (Temple City)

      Won Won Kitchen

      Wolfe Burger



      Tony's Pizza


      Zelo Pizza

      Dai Ho Kitchen


      Water Grill

      Sushi Ike

      Sushi Komatsu

      Sushi Gen


      Dumpling 10053

      Mei Long Village

      Cafeteria at the Gas Tower Building (downtown)

      Pacific Dining Car (downtown)

      Fosselman's Ice Cream

      Costco for hot dogs ... does that count?

      ... apparently I eat out alot, or maybe I just eat alot.

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        1. re: mc michael

          this topic is great and everything, but I have to tell you that I could NOT stop laughing at the I'm available for adoption response - I am LOL right now as I type. And once the outburst subsided after several solid minutes, I scrolled down and read some of the other responses and then remembered this response and again burst into laughter, closing the window in hopes that none of my neighbors thinks I'm nuts. Thanks for making my day.

        2. re: ipsedixit

          Costco for hot dogs does indeed count.. LOL! Thanks for the reminder, we have to bike down there soon... :)


        3. - al gelato
          - el taurino
          - blue marlin
          - curry house
          - sa rit gol

          1. In Northridge:

            El Taco Llama
            Pita Pocket

            In Reseda:
            Pho So 1

            Elsewhere (default kid choices):
            Fat Burger
            In N Out

            1. Crunchy chicken tacos at Campos. I always seem to be craving crunchy chicken tacos and Campos is the most convenient place to get them, and they're good too.

              Phoenix, mostly for wonton noodle soup, because it's convenient to get to.

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              1. re: slacker

                Which Campos do you recommend, or are they pretty much all the same? I keep meaning to go, but never seem to get around to it.

                1. re: writergirl

                  The original at 20th and Pico in Santa Monica. Try the hard shell turkey tacos.

                  1. re: writergirl

                    The hard shell chicken tacos at the one on Jefferson, in the mini mall where Target is. I've tried a couple of others in culver city and like this one best.

                    1. re: writergirl

                      Am I mising something, or are all Campos NOT the same? It seems that there's one mini-"chain" that has a set menu, then there are some other Campos restaurants that have a different menu altogether....

                      For example, the one on Venice near Motor in Culver City has a different menu than the one on Jefferson (in the shopping center near Ross and Target)

                      Anybody know what I'm talking about?

                      1. re: Neely_Ohara

                        The one in Santa Monica on Pico has turkey tacos that are tasty. You don't see turkey tacos all that often.

                        1. re: PaulF

                          The turkey tacos is a carryover from when it used to be Las Palmas back in the 70s...

                        2. re: Neely_Ohara

                          I don't recall all the menus, but you may be right. One of the campos gave me a ground chicken taco, or maybe it was just ground mystery meat, and the shell tasted a little stale. The one in the Target plaza serves good shredded chicken in fresh shells.

                          Also, the prices on the board at the target one are lower than the prices on their printed menus. And they have more and different items on the board, plus those special combos, that don't appear on the menu. Maybe there's one set of printed menus for all the Campos, but each of them diverge from it.

                          1. re: Neely_Ohara

                            I'm not really sure, but the entire name of the Campos I like is Campos Famous Burritos. There are a few of those including the original at 20th & Pico. There used to be a branch on Little Santa Monica at Sepulveda in the same center as the Koo Koo Roo, and the restaurant on Venice near Motor is part of that chain also (pretty sure). I think there may also be a mini-chain called Campos Tacos which is different.

                            1. re: Debbie W

                              You're right - one is Campos Famous Burritos, the other is Campos Tacos.

                              The one I'm more familiar with is the Campos Tacos....

                            2. re: Neely_Ohara

                              All the Campo's are owned by various members of the same family. I've been going to them since there was only the one by SMC. The various branches do have variations in what they offer and how certain things are prepared.

                              Generally I like the one at Motor and Venice. At times the one near TArget seems to do a better job on the food and it's a little easier for me to get to from my corner of CC but they got the order wrong more often and are just too slow.

                              1. re: Neely_Ohara

                                HA HA HA! I'm glad SOMEone realized this. It drives me CRAZY! The one down in Culver City (Jefferson) ROCKS and the one near my work in Santa Monica blows goats. If you haven't yet, try the Shredded Beef tacos..... Amaaaaazing.