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Mar 6, 2007 10:37 AM

Carfiofi alla Giudia- Fried Artichokes

So - I'm thinking way ahead to passover, and I was hoping to make Cariofi alla Giudia- artichokes Jewish style- which is just artichokes deep fried in olive oil with salt. My only problem is I will not have the time to fry them and serve them right away- they will have to sit for about an hour if not 1 1/2 hours warm in the oven. This is because I will have to greet my guests and we need to read from the haggadah and first we have gefilte and matzoh ball soup before the main course (lamb) and the artichokes. I can't do them in between courses either, because I live in a tiny NY apartment and lets say the kitchen is practically in the "dining room" and my guests will feel weird if I'm cooking right in front of them, especially since I'm frying which usually causes me to yell a lot from fear of the hot oil- not very appropriate. But if I do them ahead of time will they be ok in the oven? Will they get all mushy? Is there any technique I can use to keep them nicely?

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  1. For fried carciofi, I don't really see a reason to put them in the oven after frying. You'll have to drain them for several minutes and I would just leave them out and serve them at room temperature when you're ready.

    1. I saw gourmet's diary of a foodie on pbs a couple of weeks ago...they were in the Jewish quarter of rome and at the "best" fried artichoke house there...They par-fried their artichokes, i'm assuming three forths of the way through, then fried them to order...could you do this on the day-of?
      here's a link

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        Wow, the picture on that website isn't at all how I'd expect those to look--the recipe calls for large artichokes, and the ones shown are quite small.

        I don't have any tips on making them as I share your fear of hot oil, but I did want to share the story I heard when we had them at Da Gigetto in the ghetto in Rome. The people sitting next to us said that historically the Jews had to live in the worst land in the city. Only artichokes would grow on this land, and the other Romans thought that they were inedible. But the Jews found that when they were fried they became edible, so the joke was on the Romans.

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          interesting story, i didn't know that. i wonder how many years the romans were missing out thinking it was a weed. i suppose I could fry them 3/4 and then just finish them at the last minute. it might be do-able.