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Melisse or Opus??

Having been to neither, I'm trying to decide between Melisse and Opus. A fellow hound is coming to town from Washington and would like to try a new place. On her last visit, we had a lovely dinner at Spago, which she enjoyed very much. For this visit, Cut was our original choice, however, getting a reservation was impossible. My runner up restaurants are Melisse or Opus. We will likely do a tasting menu with wine pairing, but it could change once we are there.

Any thoughts as which to choose and why? Right now I'm leaning toward Melisse... but only because it's been on my 'must try' list for ages. We are looking to have a nice, relaxing/leisurely meal, filled with great food and wine.


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  1. I haven't been to Melisse, but if you want to check out some photos I took last time I went for a taster at Opus, here's the link - that might help you decide.


    The other factor is price...Opus will probably cost about half of what you'd pay for Melisse. But if money is no object, then maybe you want to try Melisse?

    Clare K.

    1. Melisse, Carte Blanche Tasting Menu is fantastic!
      Providence, Chef's Tasting Menu is fantastic!
      Opus, is fun but nowhere near as serious or expensive.

      1. I "third" Melisse! (I also heart Melisse, since I'm being so cheesy.)

        1. Melisse, but it is far more $$ than Opus.

          Ah, just bite the bullet and splurge. Goto Melisse.

          Enjoy wherever you end up.

          1. Opus if you're looking for value and a bit of a hipper/louder vibe. Melisse if money's not an issue and you're looking for a more refined and quieter atmosphere. Though if you're splurging, why not go with Providence.

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              Providence is not on the list because I've had the TM and was looking for a new spot to try.

            2. OPUS!!!! just had a tasting menu last night( june 27)..wow... everything was delicious creative... flute of summer sweet corn chowder, poblano chile soup with crunchy pork belly bits with candied ginger.. that soft egg with sherry and creme fraiche plus honey... sublime..
              a crispy slice of sea bream over roasted baby heirloom tomatoes... unctious beef tongue/octipus braised get together

              crispy quail leg with aspagus tips

              cubist hamachi with dill/celery sorbet

              our table of ten , with all different levels of food appreciation , were uniformly super pleased... and almost everyone had a different favorite dish...
              i culd not have been more pleased...

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                how many courses was this tasting menu (4course $40)? i'm just wondering if chef josef centeno is still sending out freebies.

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                  I went there last week and got the four course for $40. The chef sent out a few extra dishes for a fulfilling and memorable meal.

              2. I've never been to Melisse but you'll definitely get a great deal at Opus. The price for the tasting menu cannot be beat. I don't think they offer wine pairings with it but the waiter can make a nice recommend.

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                  opus actually does offer a reasonably priced wine pairing for the tasting menu.

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                    I'll have to check it out when I revisit. Thanks for the info!

                2. Except for the desserts, every bite I've ever experienced at Melisse has been out of this world.

                  1. I've never been to Opus, but Melisse is fabulous! We did the tasting menu and everything I had was very good. I can't wait to go back again soon!