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Mar 6, 2007 10:08 AM

Mom's Birthday--HELP!

It's my mother's birthday later this month. Looking for an affordable place (anywhere from 10-50 a person). Like the Westside, but can branch out a bit.

Must be good for children and loud people...I love my family, but they're loud. (around 10 people will attend)

Type of food is a hard one. Family likes traditional things...good salads, good chicken, good meat. Family Style is fine.

Loves BBQ, Italian, Chinese, American (steak and prime rib).


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    1. You said family style..and while I am never going to tell you this is the best food you will eat...for a family birthday that involves various ages and tastes, and some chowish and some is the website to

      We had all ages, vegetarians, meat lovers, no carb specific, you name it, we had it..and it was fun. Again, not the best food on the planet...and not the worst. The one closest to the westside is in The Grove. They have a regular menu, a family style menu, and if ordering family can also order an extra dish or more from the regular menu, as I did, as nobody else wanted mussels.

      Wish I could be more Chowish, I am sure you will get great suggestions...also, Chinese can be ordered family style, but honestly cannot make a Chinese recommendation on the Westside.

      1. Another thought is Toscana in Brentwood. They have a "family table" which seats 10. Our loud family has had many good celebrations there. Their pizzas are great and off-menu, the chicken salad is excellent as is the shrimp salad. Something for everyone (except no burgers at Toscana).

        1. We've done Maggiano's to death...But, great rec.! You were totally on the right track!

          1. The original comment has been removed