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Mar 6, 2007 10:07 AM

McDonald's new Angus burger [moved from L.A. board]

Anyone tried it?

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    1. Coming on the heels of their "win" against Starbucks in the coffee department, I think that they might put a decent effort in their more up-scale selections.
      I might try it, if I werent saving my burger-allocated calories for Big Mike's

      1. ashamed to admit it but i tried the bacon and cheddar the other day before i went skiing.

        It wasnt too bad. Nothing like a restaurant burger or even like carl's higher end offering. I expected the beef patty to be a bit bigger for being 1/3 lb.

        It still had that McDonalds "taste" to it though. The classic ketchup, mustard, pickles flavor is there and then the beef(not sure if its grilled, but tastes more grilled than their standard patties).

        BTW i heard on the radio that on Mar 8-12 from 12pm-2pm they are giving them away. Not sure if its the whole burger or just a taste though.

        1. is it similart to the Burger King angus burger?

          1. It seems like the word Angus is being applied to just about ever piece of beef out there today. Quite honestly, I really don't see much difference between Angus and standard beef. Now Prime is another thing !