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going to VETRI- what to order?

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any items that I shouldn't miss? (or anything not worth it- though doubt it!) what's the best way to order?

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  1. I would go ala carte vs the tasting menu. Bring a lot of money!

      1. The spinach gnocchi in brown butter.

        I also had an incredible asparagus flan with a "molten" egg within it. I don't know what the seasonal flan offering is now, but I'm sure it's equally as good.

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          Friday it was cauliflower with egg and truffle. Also they had an incredible venison in a bitter chocolate sauce - amazing!

          1. The gnocchi are a must. Also get the antipasto they make to order- so amazing.

            1. Was just there on Wednesday and did the 6 course tasting menu. I'm very glad we went that route. They offered to tailor it to our likes/dislikes without us asking, and it was wonderful. We opted for a bottle of wine vs the wine pairing option. My favorite items were: spinach gnocchi, cauliflower flan, tortellini with amaretti, and salt encrusted fish (branzini - sp?) with fabulous brussel sprouts. MMMMMM!

              1. I was there a few weeks ago. Honestly, I have never been so dissapointed in a restaurant. Meat, Meat and more meat. I am not a vegetarian but I do enjoy all the food groups. together. at the same meal. The only vegetables that were not entirely cooked to an unrecognizable state was the warm greens. The best thing I had was the excellent chardonay with pear and almond undertones. The food contained so much european butter and animal fats that I could not eat more than two bites of anything. We had the fois gras pastrami, warm greens, chestnut fettucinni with wild boar , picci with ground chicken (this was good, but so heavy), and for our entrees- my husband had the baby goat which was boring and tired at best. I had fish with tomatoes and olives on what the menu called a potato pancake. The potato pancake was actually just a representation of potatoes Anna except it was so saturated with high fat butter that it made me feel ill. I would never recommend this restaurant. Also, the place itself- so uninspiring in every way. I must say the service was good except this "bread and silverware guy" who occasionally came to our table and gave us an old heel of bread, which kept piling up of course. Also, he was to supply our neccessary cutlery for each course, only no one informed him of proper choices, he must have switched forks about 3 times before each course. We were humored by this and found it the most interesting part of our experience.