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Mar 6, 2007 09:55 AM

Las Vegas?

Planning a trip this weekend. Last time we were in LV was 25 years ago. I know all the "big names" are in town with their hot money "hedge fund" restaurants but how about something off the beaten path, particularly Asian and vegetarian. We'll have a car. Also, rather than mediocrity from Starbucks or some similar chain, is there any place pulling great shots of espresso? Any suggestions from the Board re food and espresso would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Your best bet is to scan this board for "off-the-beaten path" ideas. A few of the Asian best bets that are much discussed on this board are Lotus of Siam for superb Thai (including northern and Issan dishes difficult to find in other places), Chang's on Decatur for high-end Chinese; Hue's Thai Sandwiches for bahn mi, pho, and scores of cold drinks. You can find excellent vegetarian options at the above places, especially the first two.

    High on my wish list for the next trip is Ichiza, one of the first izakaya restaurants in LV.

    1. Foodie with a car? If you've not been to Rosemary's you need to go. Assertively flavored New American, with some of the best service you will find anywhere. They offer some excellent values and they have an adept hand at matching wines and beers to their dishes. As long as it's vegetarian (not vegan) I'm guessing between the side dishes/small plates and some discussion with the staff a fleshless repast could be had no problem.

      1. It's hardly off the beaten path, but I loved the giant buttermilk+blueberry pancakes at the Terrace Pointe Cafe at the Wynn. If the weather's nice, you can eat poolside--it's just a lovely setting. They do espresso drinks, too, though I don't know how good they are (a friend ordered one while I had just a regular coffee.) Here's a link to my report on my visit to the Terrace Pointe Cafe (among other places)+photos:

        Lotus of Siam (as Dave Feldman says) is fantastic, but I'm not familiar enough with the menu to say I can remember any dishes that were particularly vegetarian--even the green papaya salad would have a bit of fish sauce in it. The fried, whole catfish is outstanding, if you're one of those vegetarians who occasionally eats fish. Hopefully some other 'hounds can chime in about the more veggie-friendly dishes on the menu. Also, the Peppermill is does a nice breakfast and has that tacky, old-timey Vegas atmosphere (don't forget to have a peek at the red-vinyl, sunken lounge while you're there)--their fruit salad is gigantic.

        These, of course, are all places I learned about from my fellow Chowhounds.


        1. Wow - thanks everyone. I am off to a running start. The "vegetarian" in our entourage is our 15 year old daughter. The kid has a world class palate and this is a recent, and I suspect temporary and age appropriate, development! First stop, after getting the car, is Lotus of Siam. We don't have very good Thai here in upstate NY!

          1. Have fun, balwink. Lotus is used to vegetarians. If your daughter doesn't want fish sauce, they can work with that, too, although it will limit her selections.