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Mar 6, 2007 09:45 AM

St. Patrick's Day Brunch

Any ideas for a St. Patrick's Day Brunch? Nothing TOO time consuming. It will be for 5-6 people.

BTW - I'm in Toronto, Canada, where most ingredients are easily accessible. But not all.....

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  1. My uncle, from Galway, makes a great brunch for our huge family. very basic, and entirely Irish:

    Irish Soda bread. Bangers (sausages). Eggs whatever way you like (he does fried). Grilled tomatoes. Irish bacon. Potatoes w/parsley and butter (mashed, boiled or pan fried). And ALWAYS plenty of bloody mary mix with lots of horseradish. We have heavier drinkers at brunch, too, so always have Tullamore Dew and Guinness/Smithwicks on hand.

    1. You could do an Irish-themed eggs florentine, using scones instead of English muffins and sautéed cabbage instead of spinach. All the elements - the scones, the cabbage, the sauce and the poached eggs - can be made ahead and reheated before serving.

      And, of course, potatoes as a side.

      1. You could make a corned beef boiled dinner the night before, and make a nice corned beef hash in the morning with poached eggs, soda bread, and cold boiled potatoes with mayonnaise.

        1. Maybe a spinach quiche and use the large leaves to form a "clover" on the top...

          1. I'm sure there's a drink made from combining Bloody Mary mix and Guinness.

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              Eww... that's just disgusting. Why would anyone ruin a perfectly wonderful Guinness?

              1. re: kcchan

                Thank you! As a true Irish lass, I can say I've seen many an uncle drink a redeye in the morning, but never with Guinness! (A redeye is a beer with tomato juice and hot sauce with a raw egg on top. The modern version is bloody mix with beer instead of vodka. Always use a lighter beer. Harp would work, but not Guinness).