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Mar 6, 2007 09:22 AM

Good, Non-chain restaurants in Anaheim area

Will be in Anaheim for a conference over St Patrick's weekend and am looking for suggestions for good restaurants not found on every street corner! Irish pub suggestions welcome also! Thanks.

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  1. Based on review from Das Ubergeek tried Ma's Chinese Islamic last time I was in the area -- Sesame Green onion bread and very yummy chowmein. V. big portions.

    1. There's an Irish Pub in Fullerton called Branagan's ( I've been there for b'fast and thought it was "just okay" and though I've never been to a *real* Irish pub, it didn't feel very pubish.

      A little further north on Harbor Blvd in Fullerton is an English pub The Olde Ship ( I've been there for b'fast, lunch, dinner & just drinks; they've got a more pub atmosphere with many brews on tap and solid pub food.

      BTW, Fullerton is the city immediately north of Anaheim; about a 10 minute drive.

      If you like the pub/brewery atmosphere, there's also Hero's in Fullerton. They've got lots of beers on tap and okay food in huge portions. They give you bags of peanuts and encourage you to throw the shells on the floor. It's a fun place.

      It would help to know what kind of food you prefer/your price range to offer other recommendations.

      1. Sahara Falafel is a good hole-in-the-wall for Lebanese grub.

        Photos of the food and a review:

        1. I have fallen in love with Park Ave restaurant, in nearby Stanton (Katella and Beach Blvd.) Cozy diner like atmosphere, like the Rat pack type stuff. Great food at good prices as well.

          1. Thanks. Will have to check some of your suggestions out.