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Mar 6, 2007 09:18 AM

Daniel, Jean-Georges or Le Bernardin

For a birthday celebration for myself and husband. Have been to all of them but which is best? Heading to Lincoln Center after for a late show. Thanks in advance.

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  1. It depends on what sort of experience you are looking for. Le Bernardin is a very plain room, but the food is exquisite. The cuisine is centered around fish (delicious and perfectly prepared), so you would want to be interested in that. J-G would be my pick. The room is minimal but very pleasant, the food is amazing, the service is spot on. It's also the closest to lincoln center. I had a somewhat negative experience at Daniel, so I wouldn't recommend it. But of the three it has the most romantic room.

    1. I had a wonderful birthday celebration at Daniel two years ago. Food, room, service, all was perfect. We had two complimentary champagne glasses and the room is very pretty. I would definetely go back any time!

      1. All three restaurants have a certain stuffiness to them, but I think JG's minimalist dining room is the most pleasant. LB looks like a yacht club, and Daniel, well, reminds me of a fancy upper east side apartment lobby. In terms of food and service, I'd again side with JG. The service is always extremely professional, striking the delicate balance between the attentiveness and hovering. The food, too, is exquisite. Their foie gras preparation is always intriguing (and delicious). I've never left disappointed nor hungry. You'll be treated well. Also, the sommelier was extremely helpful, guiding us towards reasonably priced and delicious wines.

        Both of my visits to LB were disappointing. We found the service to be far from stellar and the food simply "good." Daniel's service was better as was the food, but I think JG is the most intimate and refined.

        1. JG is a "cant miss" on anything. Le B is just a take on fish, though a very good one. Daniel has all the bells and whistles if you want an elegant, formal dining experience.

          1. If you're going to Lincoln Center, I'd recommend Jean-Georges. The other 2 restaurants will require long walks/cab rides. Of the 3, JG has the best food.