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ZALEKS in Wakefield for takeout

This will be my first stop there after reading about it here. I assume they do takeout -(too cold for the in-laws, so we can't eat in) Any suggestions on what to try first? thanks

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  1. Yes, much of their business is takeout. The monte christo is very good there, as well as the chicken kabobs over rice. I haven't tried any seafood dishes there, but hear that they are generally excellent.

    1. The baked haddock is amazing as is the salmon and all their grilled fish specials.

      1. Love, love, love the Greek plate. Gyro, Greek salad and 5 lovely stuffed grape leaves under $6.

        1. Second the Greek plate tremendous value and very tasty. The Greek salad on it's own is monsterous with a generous amount of feta. The Roast Beef sandwhiches are very good as well.

          1. We've had the gyros for takeout a few times recently and thought it was very good, even 15 minutes later at home. Didn't particularly care for the salad or the stuffed grape leaves.

            1. Scorn not the grape leaves! I love them!

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                Heh, sorry! They weren't bad- just not as good as the ones I get at Palmyra in Revere.

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                  Chris....what's Palmyra in Revere all about. Not sure if I've ever heard anything about it here.

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                    It's that little middle Eastern market on Route 60 (Squire Road). The sign out front says El Madina but the menu inside says Palmyra. It's right next to an Italian bakery- Esposito's? It's mostly a market but they have a small counter where they'll make sandwiches/plates for takeout or for eating at the one table they have in the corner.

                    I chatted up the owner while waiting for a sandwich recently. Really nice guy, and his wife makes the grape leafes, hummus, and a few other things. It took a while for my falafel sandwich because he had to get the fryer going but it was delicious. So far I've gotten the grape leaves for a party (and couldn't stop eating them) but haven't been back to get anything else. I was waiting until I'd done a more extensive survey of the menu before posting on it here.

                    He also sells halal meat and when I asked about ground lamb he offered the preground stuff or fresh. I opted for fresh and he brought out the leg, ground the meat up and chopped the bones up for me. It was excellent meat, and worth the cost (~22 or so.) They don't take credit cards but do take debit cards.

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                      Yes I know exactly where you are talking about, and thanks.

                      Sounds interesting and I'll be in the area next week so I'm going to check them out.