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Mar 6, 2007 08:50 AM

What's the best place for lunch in Westminster/Garden Grove

Going to be there for lunch tomorrow. Prefer Asian. Make a suggestion, please

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  1. Big group, or small group?

    For big groups, Seafood Cove at Westminster and Newland (between Beach and Magnolia) is great for lunch. Their lunch specials are $5-6 and you can get a lot of variety if you have 6 people or more. Order one dish each, and share as it's served family style.

    There are also great lunch specials at Kim Su restaurant, corner of Ward and First (Bolsa Ave). Another good one is Royal Capital Seafood, corner of Euclid and Westminster Ave.

    My favorites at these restaurants are the house special chicken, bo luc lac (diced filet mignon/garlic), stir fried pea shoots, salt&pepper shrimp, salt/pepper pork chops (or peking style if you're in that mood).

    These are all "chinese" style dishes.

    Trieu Chau restaurant, at Newhope and 1st Street, doesn't have lunch specials per se, but they are a good value ($4-5 for a bowl of noodle soup) and the food is excellent.

    And if you're on a budget, there's always the $1.99 restaurant. Everything is $1.99 there, including steak w/ rice, noodle soups, chow mein, etc.

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      I like Seafood Cove also, excellent salt and pepper shrimp. Chinese brocoli with oyster sauce or Chinese brocoli sauteed is a nice mustardy spinach-like vegetable that is popular. Pea shoots/sprouts are also tasty but tend to be a bit heavy on the oil, except at Seafood Paradise. Across the street from Seafood Cove is Seafood Paradise for dim sum, the shrimp wontons, shu mai, shrimp in seaweed and har gow are popular. They also have a lunch menu. A good bet at almost any chinese restaurant is shrimp with asparagus.

      The $1.99 Restaurant (Vietnamese) has some surprisingly good selections. The most popular item there is the fried chicken which is a half a cornish game hen deep fried. It comes with an interesting sauce that grows on you if you give it a chance. Chicken is a bit overcooked but tasty. Avoid the fish here but the bun is pretty decent, the stir fried noodles and noodle soups are ok also.

      Brodard restaurant and Brodard Chateau (upscale) are very good Vietnamese restaurants. For me the noodle soups are not their strong point. The Nem Nuong Cuon spring rolls are the signature dish here.

      In the asian mall is Pho 79. People seem to like the pho here but its a bit over spiced (not hot spicy, but savory spicy) for me. The mi egg noodle soup is excellent. My favorite is the mi with wontons and pork, very nice broth with bits of roasted garlic and all kinds of different goodies.

      1. re: kingkong5

        Actually, at the $1.99 restaurant, their signature dish (the cornish game hen one) is $2.75, but everything else is still $1.99.

      2. My favorite place is Com Tam Thuan Kieu, because I loves me some broken rice!

        1. Nem nuong at Brodard.

          Seafood Paradise was mentioned above, been there numerous tims but not for dim sum...but I'd check that out if you're feeling dim sum.