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Mar 6, 2007 08:48 AM

Mid-Day lunch & something to do - Central Mass?

On St. Patty's we're putting together a going-away lunch for a friend moving to NYC. Any good tips that meet the following?:

1. Worcester/Acton/Somerville ... anywhere in that arch
2. Good food, and we could order wine/champagne. The food doesn't have to be fancy or especially impressive.
3. Something to do on-site or nearby (tasting/tour of some kind?)

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  1. Consider lunch/tour/tasting at Nashoba Winery:

    They make fruit wines, some dry, all quite interesting. In Westford, not far at all from Acton.

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    1. re: Rick_V

      It's actually in Bolton, also not far from Acton, and a super idea.

    2. Yup, great suggestion. In addition to fruit wines they make their own microbrews, brandies, vodka, gin and eventually, their own single malt whiskey.

      1. thanks for the suggestion! i was considering there or Tower Hill Botanical Gardens. If anyone thinks of anything else, let me know!

        1. If you're willing to travel a tad farther west - say to North Adams, for example (130 miles from Boston) ..... MassMoCA is an interesting museum to visit.

          The following llink gives you all necessary info including some pretty good places to eat. The two restaurants in the museum do not serve liquor.

          1. I can recommend both Tower Hill and Nashoba winery in fact. You could do both in an day if you did Tower Hill first, then ate at J's at the winery, then took the tour and sampled.