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Cheap Eats in Raleigh ?

We are a group of vet med students going to be in Raleigh for a symposium over St. Pat's weekend. We love food, but are extraordinarily poor. So, we are looking for good cheap food -- all types, all cuisines, all meals

Thanks for your help!

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  1. There were lots of good inexpensive-food recs in this thread: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/367218

    1. Are you staying near the Vet School? If so, a lot of the places on that thread are near by.

      For instance, Neomonde is within a mile of the Vet School. It's on Beryl Road, which runs parallel to Hillsborough Street just between the Vet School and Meredith College (and it's on the Meredith end of it - just through the traffic light, over the railroad tracks, and to the left). Wonderful felafel and mediterranean/lebanese-style salads, as well as hot foods. A plate of four different ones is about 7 bucks. Or a felafel and two sides with a baklava (or other pastry) for about the same.

      1. Also, further down Hillsborough, toward the main NCSU campus, there's Snoopy's for hot dogs at the corner of Hillsborough and Gorman. Directly across from Meredith College is a group of shops that has a Ben and Jerry's and Quiznos (not that I'm advocating them!), but next to the Ben and Jerry's is Royal Coffee, a nice little coffee shop. They have free wireless internet, live acoustic music Saturday nights, games to play and magazines to read. Just a nice place to chill out. And they have pretty good coffee, too! It's all locally roasted. They also have breakfast pastries and sandwiches for lunch.

        I definitely second the Neomonde rec!! I work about a half mile from there, and stop in for lunch at least once every two weeks. Their mjaddrah is amazing, and try as I might, I have not been able to replicate it at home!

        1. Oh, yeah! If you head down Hillsborough the opposite direction, toward Cary instead of toward Raleigh from the vet school is some of the best Indian restaurants in the area. Once you cross I-40, the street name changes to Chatham, and you'll find these in or near Chatham Square on East Chatham: Suchi has an okay buffet, but if you order off the menu it's much, much better. And you'll be able to watch the Indian version of MTV if you're there at the right time! Udupi is amazing. Search this board for the name, and you'll see all the favorable opinions. I haven't tried Cool Breeze, Biryani House or King Kabob (closer to Raleigh than all the others), but they're all roughly in the same area.

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            You must try Cool Breeze for authentic Indian street foods. If you are a veg I'd skip the other two.

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              I went to Cool Breeze once. Didn't recognise anything on the menu, so I went for the combo platter. It was amazing. On a Saturday afternoon - for cheap. If I recall correctly, he brought all the various stuff out in two stages. Some of it I definitely liked more than other items. But it was so good.....

          2. Im not sure if there is a Cook-Out there or not, but pretty cheap and they have great hush-puppies and milk shakes!

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              Who needs Cook-Out when you have Char-Grill!

            2. Some might say "who needs Char-Grill when you have Cook-Out?" But then people have differing tastes.

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                I agree, to me Char-grill burgers are tough and tasteless....and how can you like shakes where you can watch them pour the boxed mix in the machine???? Give me Cook-out any day. Love their peanut butter and banana shakes, so thick the pb and banana chuncks get caught in the straw. Plus it is quick to get to from the vet school....just get on the beltline (outer loop) get off at Western (next exit down) and head into town. It is on the left at the next light.

                Another great cheap place is Cooper's BBQ downtown, atlhough it is not near the vet school. They have good fried chicken too.

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                  Are you eating their burgers at Char-Grill and not the Steak, Jr.? Yes, the regular burgers is so-so but the Steak Jr. is the bomb.

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                    Like I said, peoples tastes differ. I've eaten The Steak Jr at several Char-Grill locations and didn't like any of them.

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                      I'm with blewgo, when I first moved here, I was constantly taken there by locals and, yes, I tried the Steak, Jr. Dry and tasteless. I just don't get it. Now, if you really want a good bar burger , go to Nineteenth Hole in Lake Boone SC. (hey, vet students....take inner beltline one exit to Lake Boone and it is the first SC outside of the beltline). To me there is a difference between "gourmet" burgers, like at Porters and "bar burgers" like from dives and drive throughs. EAch have their place.

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                    <how can you like shakes where you can watch them pour the boxed mix in the machine???? >

                    Not that I'm necessarily a fan of thier shakes (I've never had one), but how do you think most fast food operations make their shakes? All the stuff comes from a central supplier and is either packaged in a box or a bag, then poured into the machine to chill. The only difference is who the manufacturer is. And the only difference at Char-Grill is that they allow you to see the process.

                2. Bella Monica is the best food (Italian) in the Triangle for the price and the atmosphere. Make reservations. You will love it!!

                  1. Yep, gotta say Char-Grill...a Raleigh classic...is a must.

                    1. I was back in Raleigh this week (to start the new job I mentioned I was interviewing for in my "locals' food" thread) and had the chance to eat some really serious mexican food. 'Trouble is, I don't know the name of the place. I know it's in a strip mall on Avent Ferry Road and about two miles from the NCSU Centennial Campus. And I know that there's a US Bank drive up ATM just in front of the mall. If anyone can help out with the name of this place, please do. Anyway...the food was magnificent (best enchilada sauce I've tasted since the last time I made up a batch of it myself) - and the prices are ridiculously low. Also...

                      If you're in the mood for pizza and happen to be in the Cameron Village area, check out Piccolo Italia. It's the closest thing I've had to NYC pizza in nine years (which was the last time I was in NYC). The sauce is perfect. The crust is perfect. The price is right.

                      Happy eating!


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                        You said Avent Ferry, so you must be talking about Cuervo de Lobos Mexican Restaurant. It's geared towards the college kids, but good food. Looks like a hole in the wall, but it's pretty big inside. The prices are ok, a little higher than some other Mexican restaurants in Raleigh. I recommend El Rodeo on Blount St Downtown. It's near Moore Square and Tir Na Nog Irish pub. I've heard the other El Rodeo on Hillsborough is not as good.

                        I'll have to try your pizza place, have you been to I Love NY Pizza on Hillsborough? So many pizza joints on that street, but it's probably one of the best - it's right beside Jimmy Johns. It doesn't beat Greensboro's NY Pizza though. I went to college there and loved going to NYP!

                        Enjoy your noms,

                      2. Plenty to see in this Meals under $10 thread

                        even though you're extraordinarily poor I hope you're able to explore the other vertices of the Triange and not stuck in only Raleigh

                        1. Lillys pizza, the Rockford, Mellow Mushroom, Salsa Fresh, Bella Monica, Sushi Blues...

                          1. Okay, muppertx, now's the payoff....where did you go, and how was it?