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Mar 6, 2007 08:41 AM

Shamrock Shake Sightings?

Anyone seen McDonald's Shamrock Shake yet? Are they selling it this year?

Don't forget you can get half chocolate shake / half Shamrock for a McGrasshopper.

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  1. They've arrived in Metro Detroit. Haven't tried one yet myself this year.

    1. Yes, Upstate (Central ) NY near Syracuse- we have them- and I love'em. Don't YOU forget that they a medium (16 oz.) has over 550 calories, 96 carbs, and 13 g. fat and lots of HFCS. BUT they do have 45% of your RDA of calcium, 13 grams of protein, are low in sodium and have less than 1 gram of trans fat. So I guess one or 2 is OK- I am also a big fan of the Egg nog shakes. But I always feel a little sick after.

      1. I saw them offered in Reno about a week and a half ago. Haven't had one yet myself though.

        1. Really? I thought these went off the menu years ago. I was a bad fan as a kid. Can't have them any more though, damn adult onset dairy allergy.

          1. They're in the metro Philly area.