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Mar 6, 2007 08:33 AM

Private Room

I am having a hard time finding a really wonderful place with excellent food for lunch for a party of 20 plus people. Price is not a huge concern. Please advise and thanks!

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  1. BLT prime isn't open for lunch but they will if the price is right. Good luck!

    1. You don't indicate any special cuisine preference, so I'll suggest Keens. Delicious steaks, chops, etc., and unmatchable old NY ambiance. Their private rooms are gorgeous, and the Lily Langtry or the Bull Moose would be perfect for a group of 20+.

      1. Craft has a private dining room that can hold up to 40 ppl.

        1. Here's a great list of private rooms courtesy of Manhattan User's Guide:

          1. Telepan has a new room that holds around 20pp