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Mar 6, 2007 08:33 AM

Downtown Richmond, VA Reccomendations?

Hi, all - Any recommendations for good dining in downtown Richmond? I'll be at the Quality Inn without a car and would like to find good restaurants in walking distance. Would like to keep the cost down (e.g., no more than $20/entree - dinner). Especially interested in any local or regional specialties.


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  1. You might get more responses on the South board, but I will give it a try. The Quality Inn is on Cary, correct? You'll be close Shockoe Slip. Bank on Main Street should be within walking distance and is a fun restaurant and has a fun bar as well. If you want a burger and a beer, try Capital Ale house, but stick to burgers and the like and stay away from the more froo-froo entrees. You can also venture a couple of blocks north to Broad Street and try Comfort (good southern food).

    1. I second Comfort but not the others they feel like chains - for a real GREAT meal venture to the VCU area for Edo's Squid- not far from where you will be and his first restuarant is even closer to you Mama Zu's but I favor Edo's - I like the atmosphere better... both very affordable and both have a bar to eat at if you are solo. Also in the fan Dogwood is quite good and so is Zues..both a bit pricey but worth it.

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        He's going to be far from Zeus without a car. And I get the argument that Capital can feel like a chain (there are two locations in Richmond) but not Bank. Edo's is a good idea and they take reservations, but he'll want to get a cab.

      2. Third for Comfort. Yes, the burgers at Capital Ale House are very good. If you're in town on a Monday keep in mind that it's $1 Burger Night. It's a full-sized burger so more money left in the budget for a nice Belgian ale on tap! Also close by on 5th and Franklin is Penny Lane Pub for pretty decent pub fare and Guiness on tap. I'd also recommend Croaker's Spot on Leigh and Second.

        1. Great suggestions - thanks! I'll definitely check out Comfort and a few others.