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Mar 6, 2007 08:30 AM

Cheap and unique Kitchen supplies anyone? (Daiso Store, Daly City)

In case you don't know what Daiso is --

The store is just a few months old and is located on the same property as the Serramonte Shopping Center - Next to the 76 station.

Awesome inventory of kitchen related items --- cool cup cake liners, chocolate molds, fun shaped cake pans, kitchen utensils, bowls, chopsticks, etc. Most items are only $1.50. (They also sell other things - its like a Japanese dollar store.


I went last night just to check it out and I got a couple of things, but I could spend hours there.

Anyone bought anything really cool?

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  1. Thanks for the tip. It is always better to put the name of a place in the title. I've gotten some good tips from your posts. Will definately check this place when I'm in the area. It is on my food-related to-do list.

    1. A Japanese "Dollar Store" - I think I know where I'm headed on my next day off - thanks!

      1. Hey thanks for the tip. Definately will check it out.

        BTW, if it's anything like Daiei (another Japanese big box) in Honolulu, it should be cool.

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          LOVE Daiso! I went to the one in Vancouver and that was a huge store - 2 stories. It's like Ichiban Kan in San Mateo but with way more selection.

          The one in Daly City is also quite big. Went there a couple weeks ago wasn't sure why part of the store didn't have lights on so it was hard to see. They had tons of ceramic rice bowls and a nice collection of sake bottles and cups. I ended up getting some mesh laundry bags which is handy for packing clothes for travel.

          1. re: honu

            I too love Daiso in Richmond in BC too. In Canada money it also called the two dollar store. I too will be t there so.

            Great addition to the Bay Area.

          2. re: ML8000

            Daiei, now called Don Quijote (another Japanese dollar-type chain), is more of a a full service store like K-Mart, with groceries, clothing etc. Daiso is a classic 100 yen shop -- a little bit of a lot. It is a lot of fun (even if the base price is $1.50), and definitely the real deal. Some of the stuff they sell I don't think anyone here has a use for -- like the liners for the basket drains in Japanese kitchen sinks!

            They are supposedly opening stores at Newpark Mall in Newark, and Eastridge Mall in San Jose.

            1. re: Debbie M

              Basket drains liners? What the heck are those? Do they go inside the steel mesh drain/strainers? Hahaha, my Mom uses those. She gets them from Marukai in LA.

              Daiei is now Don Quijote? The one in Honolulu blew me away - where else can you get super fresh & cheap poke, a TV, zoris, cheap camping gear...all in the same place.

              1. re: ML8000

                I love Marukai. I could spend hours there too. Places like Marukai and Daiso are really dangerous for me because everything is so cheap and cute that I want to buy it ALL!

                I got a $10 dog bed from Daiso... We'll see how it holds up. He must have loved it because he peed on it right away. :)

                1. re: ML8000

                  Yeah, those are the ones! In Japanese kitchen sinks they fit down in the sink like a garbage disposal, which I guess it also is, just a low-tech one!

                  All the Hawaii Daiei stores are now Don Quijote. They're supposed to stay essentially the same (with some remodeling), but instead of the big Daiei orange sun, you'll be seeing the Don Quijote penguin (Donpen) advertising the poke, TV, zoris, Korean TV series DVDs, etc.!

                  1. re: Debbie M

                    I just found out about Daiso.. I wish they'd open one up in the Twin Cities/Minneapolis/St Paul area!! :(